Friday, May 26, 2006

crunchy crunchy snap crackle pop crunch

nope, not a new breakfast cereal by kellog's, that's the sound that my knees were making yesterday when i was doing squats & lunges at work. maybe i ought to back up a little in the story? i work in a call center, the late shift, so i get to leave at 8pm. most days there are very few phone calls coming in the last couple hours of my shift. since i missed my workout yesterday morning i thought that i would take advantage of the slow evening & the fact that i just so happen to have some free weights at my desk. yeah, i am that much of an uber geek that i have free weights at my desk, i also have a balance ball too that i sometimes sit on. in my defense, it's hard trying to lose weight while working in a call center. we have treat friday every week! & any reason at all & we through a floor wide pot luck. today it was my supervisor's turn for treats. she brought in six pizzas & a box of ice cream sandwiches. seriously, how is a girl to compete with six pizzas & ice cream sandwiches?

in a valiant attempt to try to feel i'm actually getting something productive for myself accomplished while i'm at work i do try to get a bit of exercise in on those days that i don't do my morning workout, like yesterday. a very long story short: fiance sick+central air not working+emergency run to target for a furnace filter=missing my morning workout. i won't claim that i'm super motivated & that i workout between every call because it just isn't so. but with my new commitment my weights have stopped completely gathering dust.

yesterday evening, thursday, i had a complete pill of a member on the phone. the kind of person that just argues & argues & argues until they wear you down & give-in to what ever they want so they will just shut the f*ck up. i am proud of myself that i didn't give in to her. she finally got frustrated & said she'd call back another day. fine, do that, if the person who answers the phone has any sense they'll do the same thing i did. so fast forward half an hour. i was reading a book & rather bored & wanted a snack, & i remembered i had a couple miniature 3musketeers in my desk. i unlocked my desk & took one out & savored every little bite of it. then about 15 minutes later i wanted the last one. i even started to unlock the drawer when i spied my lonely free weights sitting on top of the file cabinet. i had a brief argument with myself before relocking my desk & picking up my weights.

i had 35 minutes left of work & so i figured i could do 30minutes of upper body work no problem, after all, these were only 2lb weights. yeah, right. they wound up killing me. i did get some upper body lifting done & then to rest my arms i started doing lunges. at 7:30pm the call center is very quiet, deathly quiet even, & to be honest i like it that way. it's too noisy earlier on when everyone's here. too much inane chatter that just annoys me. the bad side about the call center being so quiet is that i could hear every single grating crackle that my knees made as i lunged. & it really grossed me out. who knew that two little joints could make such a loud splintering sound? then, of course, because i was hearing my knees grate i began to feel the joints rubbing harshly, which then caused me great knee pain.

a year ago when i was much thinner i don't remember my knees crunching like that. i know that they have, in the past, sounded like they were going to splinter apart if i had to walk one more flight of stairs. then again, that was back when i was over 300lbs & i was able to out weight many of the minnesota vikings. also back around that time my dad started buying glucosimine, or something like that. an over the counter supplement to repair & strengthen cartiledge in the joints. i did take those for a while, even though they were wickedly expensive. then, as i lost weight, the creaking lessened & then stopped, & so did my daily supplements.

even though i'm pauper broke right now i'm very tempted to take a jaunt over to walgreen's or snyder's & pick up some of those handy-dandy-little-magic-pills to lessen my knee pain. because, i will admit, that i hobbled around most of thursday night, & i'm limping a bit today. then again, the old fashioned "more activity, less weight" may ease up that joint pain too.

blech, isn't it obnoxious how often the answer to a medical problem is "lose weight." i'm getting rather sick of it, & for the record, yeah, i know, i'm fat & need to stop being fat. i get it.

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