Wednesday, June 21, 2006

beckah's new baby

now before i get a million & a half emails/phone calls/comments/text messages: NO, i am not pregnant. i'm talking about my new birthday present.

back story would be nice right about now, huh? so long story short i played guitar for a while back in high school, think junior-senior year-ish. i wasn't very good, i could peck out a tune or so with my book in front of me. i never really gave it the time or attention that i should have. previous to that i played both piano (which i had taught myself the basics of) & violin. i'd been told by my violin teacher, mr. reeve, that i was a natural musician & it was a shame that i wasted my talent. yeah, i wasn't so into the violin back then. anyway, fast forward > > > > >

so i'm thinking on all of the things that i want to do with my life before my myspace page becomes linked with mydeathspace. one of the things that i really regretting giving up was music. i love music, i love singing, as anyone who's been in my truck, car, or shower can testify to, eventhough i'm not particularly good at it. but i'm a terribly creative person, i just love art. writing being my main passion, i also enjoy painting, drawing, collage, photography, & etc.

at the top of my "things to do before becoming infamous & dead" is re-learning a musical instrument, right next to dream in french again. i am being serious on both of those, do you want to see my yellow legal pad? i am the proud owner of an electric guitar that i bought off my good friend joey back in high school, that's also the last time the guitar had any work done on it. & i'm the keeper of my father's acoustic, which is in need of much tlc & a little shellac.

as i sat & thought about what i wanted for my birthday it hit me, or was that the tequila? a guitar would be a great gift. i bounced the idea off my beloved who agreed. my original thought was to get one of those "packages" with everything the beginner needs in one nicely packaged box! i ran the idea past my parents & they were cool with it too.

per jenn i decided on an acoustic, she said it's probably best for a beginner, & i still do have a serviceable electric that miss jenn is working on despite the fuzzy black horse decal. she & i even took a field trip on saturday to pick out a "kit." since that was what i basically had in mind, that's all we looked at. although she fondled a $6,000 acoustic guitar & i ogled a pink electric. i held the fender, strummed it a little, & thought, "yeah, this could do." then on sunday jack wanted to go to guitar center too since he missed on the outing due to work.

somewhere between jenn & i's saturday trip & jack & i's sunday trip my sweetie put the notion of a black acoustic in my fevered little brain, which made me drool, just a bit. he & i scoured the black acoustics & i didn't like the look of any of them, until we were about to leave, when i saw my baby hanging out near the doors with an outrageous price tag hanging down. ok, not really outrageous for guitars, but compared to our original range, wicked out there. & i picked him up & fell in love & cried a little when i had to go home.

now my parents didn't get me anything for my 27th or 28th birthdays, so they were going to get me a new bike to go along with my drive to be fit. i do have an older bike, that needs some work, but i kind of wanted a new one. i've been looking since february but haven't found one that suited me. so i proposed a deal. i'd skip the bike, have three birthdays going to my guitar, plus my sister went in with my 'rents & my betroved.

& yesterday i went to pick my baby up in roseville. i also got a nice gig bag to keep him safely swaddled & a pink glitter guitar strap (seriously, what else? ok, i almost got the fuzzy pink & black leopard print, but jack put the kabosh on that one) & of course my new baby. my electric is an ibanez too, a kind of cream color. isn't he gorgeous? & last night when i was playing around with him i realized that he has his very own built in tuner, wicked awesome. i bought myself a chord book to use until i can find my old one, & i'm really psyched to start learning again.

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Jenn said...

Congrats on the guitar...
I have to say though.. i think your baby might be suffering from gender identity disorder. It's really a boy? Are those services covered under your plan?