Monday, June 12, 2006

call me lab rat #61577B

so if splenda causes cancer then just call me rat #61577B, 'cause i'm probably close to od-ing on the junk. i'm on my third cup of coffee for the day, with four packets of splenda per, some how i don't think that's too good for my health. what do you think, dear reader? but it tastes pretty yummy & no calories, unlike it's cousin sugar. seriously though, if it causes cancer it may not be a good thing for me to consume in large quantities.

i'm trying valiantly to have an about face on my attitude here, & per jenn "you can't change the past, it's hard not to dwell sometimes, but you can't change it." seriously guys, i love her dearly, but sometimes she sounds like a fortune cookie. & that is, of course, said with the utmost affection. it is great to have friends around that listen to you bitch & moan & then tell you to stop being a drama queen, someone else needs the tiara.

three days til my birthday & i won't be making most of my short term goals. let's see, 28 poems? hmmm, yeah, if i do them all in the next three days, that's only about 7 per day. five puppy walks? as long as i do two in one day, still slightly doable. the into the 250's by the 15th, unlikely considering i'm not the starve & purge type of girl, just not my thing. i've actually managed to blow most of these. how did two weeks go by so fast?

i really wish the world would just slow down, give me a minute to think, to do something. but i blink & it's not only tomorrow but the day after. somehow i'm guessing this is not a good thing, to have such disconnects with time. i hope i'm not the only one who feels the world speeding up & not getting enough done & having days literally flow past.

on the upside, i can now taste again. so much for my perfect weight loss solution. drats! maybe that one isn't an upside, but jack is happy that i can taste food again, so i guess that counts for something.

i have about an hour & a half left at work tonight. well, to be exact an hour & 21 minutes. so maybe if i'm quick like a bunny i can get two or three poems written tonight. which would be fabulous since i'm meeting with my advisor tomorrow & i need to have some new work to hand in to her. work that i was supposed to have in last month. seriously fucking up. big time.

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