Thursday, June 15, 2006

'cause i said so

today's my birthday & i almost, almost, stepped on my scale this morning, & then i decided that really wasn't the right way to start off a new year of my life, obsessing about my weight. now granted, i can't continue to out & out ignore it as i have in the past. & that isn't my intention at all. but i really am trying to get my attitude straightened out & getting all depressed on my birthday because my weight is still in the 260's is not the way to do that. especially considering i'm still feeling uber shitty about the whole accident thing & the fact that it is very certain that my insurance rates are going to go up. BLECH.

& the results on my 2 week goals.
N drink 96oz water/day
N make my bed every day
N workout 10 of the next 14 days for at least 60min/day
N write at least 28 poems
N eat out only twice

N say one nice thing about myself each day
N write for an average of 1 hour/day
Y attempt my firm workouts at least once
N take my puppy for 5, or more, walks
N get my hair cut
Y get my 'lock lexxy up 1 level
N no eating after 9pm
N take the stairs at work once (up & down)
Y write ten blogs

not sure great stats, huh? i'm happy that i did get three of the fourteen accomplished. & the answers to all of these are not so cut & dried, it's not like i completely failed. i was doing fabulous on the water until this past weekend when i got sick, i haven't gotten back on track since then. for all of the rest of them i accomplished them somewhat, it's not like i made this list & then completely forgot about it. ok, admittedly, the hair cut is either a yes or no & i just didn't have the time to get into my stylist. & i really didn't want to part with that money right now.

i do recognize that giving myself a long to-do list just doesn't work for me. i need things in smaller bites. i need to make more things a habit before jumping into a bunch of goals. because if i attempt to do too many things at once i'm not going to really accomplish any of them. i am very much a creature of habit, just ask jack. sometimes it drives him absolutely batty, but i do find comfort in my routines & habits.

it's widely accepted that it takes two to three weeks for a behavior to actually become a habit. & if you think about it, that's a whole lot of work, making sure to do something every single day of the week, especially for someone so ADD as myself. & my focus isn't always the best, ask just about anyone who's known me for more than a day. two weeks. that takes us to june 29th, basically the end of the month. starting today i will drink 64-96oz of water every day. i will also work out for a minimum of 3-5days for 30+minutes per day. now i know that i'm capable of more. i know i can drink 96oz of water per day. & i can do an hour & a half, or more, work out on a given day. the trick is to do both of these so often that they're second nature to me.

my 29th year. i gotta make it rock, folks. & i vow that this time next year, when i hit the big 3-0 i will not, under any circumstances, weigh over 200 lbs. ok, if i'm eight months pregnant with triplets or something, then it might be acceptable. but otherwise, nope, nada, it just ain't gonna happen. as god is my witness, as god is my witness, i'll never be fat again.

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