Thursday, June 01, 2006

day 1- office pot luck

have i mentioned lately that i think office pot lucks are evil? ok, maybe not evil, but they are definitely not the friend of anyone trying to watch what they eat. today we had a pot luck to congratulate two people on their promotions, i don't personally know them, but they're part of the larger "team" so i was invited. my contribution you ask? i should've brought something semi healthy, but our sub-team was assigned chips or desert. so i bought a box of fla-vor-ice pops. you know, those liquid in plastic tube things that you put in the freezer & voila, a popsicle without the stick! blue is my favorite. i figured, it's summer, getting hotter outside, something other than cake or cookies would be nice. & they're only 25 calories each, not too bad for a refreshing snack!

back to the pot luck diet pot holes. some of what was part of our spread today: sloppy joes, tater tot hotdish, tacos, bbq meatballs, dorietos, spice cake, chocolate pecan pie, swiss turkey roll ups, raw veggies & dip, fresh strawberries & grapes, & lots of different regular soda. it wasn't as bad as it could've been, but also not particularly healthy either. i'll admit, that i did partake of a bit of it, after my morning work out. which felt a wee bit wrong.

after all, i had just spent an hour panting on the elliptical followed by 15 minutes of strenuous weight lifting to then go grab a sloppy joe & a couple of bbq meatballs? not exactly the smartest thing to do. then again, i also know myself well enough to know that if i wouldn't have given in & had a little bit of something that i would've went totally over board later on. the food was ok, but none of it was particularly fabulous, & part of that may be because i've been really trying to retrain myself to enjoy natural healthy foods. so things that are really greasy don't sit well with me. & while it did taste pretty good while i was eating it, about an hour later i was very sick. maybe my body's way of telling me to cut this fucking bull shit & give myself GOOD fuel instead of this crap? & on the other hand, it could be completely psycho-sematic & all in my head.

on the upside of thing, i got my jiggle free arms dvd from this past tuesday, & i just checked my target account & my jiggle free buns are waiting for my postal carrier to deliver them, so hopefully i'll get that dvd today or tomorrow. then i'm just waiting on my transfirmer, which should be here before my birthday. then i'll be g2g folks. i would like to note while i HATE cutesy lazy text messaging & instant messaging, g2g is a gamer term for good to go introduced to me by my good friend josh. gamer chicks rule, by the way.

& yes, i do realize how it sounds saying i got my jiggle free arms in the mail & i'm waiting on my jiggle free buns. ah, if it were only that easy. in that case i'd like to order jennifer lopez's ass, gwen stefani's arms, jessica alba's abs, a vegas show girl's legs, & a porn star's tits. well, now i have a totally realistic ideal to work towards. <----hint: for those that don't know me well, that last sentence was sarcasm.

the journey towards health & weight loss is really like a roller coaster, it has it's ups & downs & often times makes you feel like vomiting. but, in the end it is a thrilling journey & something well worth talking about later on. i don't exactly feel that way at this particular moment in time, i feel more like skittering away from talking about/thinking about this whole thing. but i also know that, like the supposedly-bubble-gum-flavored-pink-penicillin they gave me as a kid for strep throat, this really is good for me. even though it's really yucky at the moment.

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Josh said...

I agree.. office pot luck's ARE evil! then again, unfortunately this society has a horrible habit of celebrating everything with calories(food + drink = celebration). How come we don't have any congradulations bike rides or something like that? haha..