Wednesday, June 07, 2006

did i say a wee bit of nausea never hurt anyone?

ok, so i'm not technically hurt by the massive nausea that hit me yesterday. but i did wind up punking out & leaving work after being in for only two hours. & i was down right miserable the entire time i actually was at work. truth be told, i really would have called in sick from the start if i would't've had a conference call at 1pm. i was picked to be on a special project team for a new software release, so i kinda need to be at all of these meetings, er, on the phone for the conference calls. & i couldn't do the call from home because i need to actually be in front of my computer with access to my systems. blech.

for the record, if anyone has this same intestinal virus i have, you have my deepest sympathy. want a ginger ale & saltine? my mom is going on four weeks with this crud. jack took three days off of work. he said he's still not completely up to 100%, but he's well enough to go to work, so that's a good thing. i did feel better this morning, but the sick feeling is coming back again. monday night the nausea that started at work was followed by a stabby pain in my side on the drive home. stabby pains are never any good. i really really really hate being sick.

to quote jenn "you can't change the past so there's no use bitching about it, all you can do is change what you do from now on." i'm sure someone else wickedly famous & dead has said that before, but i've heard it most often from jenn, so we'll give her credit. i was bemoaning the fact that i didn't think i'd be accomplishing my goals for my birthday, the first & foremost being the being in the 250 lb range. i also know that even though my birthday is next week i'm not going to be able to make the ten days of 1 hour or more of exercise. i know i won't make that because i've already missed five days, & i had fourteen to start with. so even if i do an hour for each of the remaining days i'll end up short. i may be able to make 10+ hrs if i add up the time. that's more realistic.

i hate being sick, have i said that yet? now i know that no one really enjoys being sick. at least when i was in school i got to miss a day of the horror that was high school to stay home wrapped in a blanket on the couch watching talk shows & soaps. but even then i really hated being sick. i hate that feeling of can't. because when you're sick there are things you just can't do because you don't feel healthy enough. now granted, yesterday if i would've been feeling well i may or may not have put in my hour of exercise. just like monday night if i would've been feeling better there's a possibility i would've done my twenty-five minutes of weights. there's a good chance i would't've done either one, but the possibility still existed. it's having that possibility taken away from me that i really resent.

for now jenn is right, i can't wish away the past, but only work on what lies ahead. so wish me well on recovering quickly so that when my birthday rolls around next week i actually feel well enough to celebrate with my family & then go out on saturday with my friends. if i'm miserable next week too i just might have to throw a first class fit, not like it'd make me feel any better or accomplish anything, except relieve a touch of tension.

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