Friday, June 09, 2006

evidently i've angered the scale gods

so i weighed myself in the locker room here at work wednesday after my work out. i even serepitiously gotten out of ALL of my gym clothes & quickly stepped on the scale, the numbers bumped all around from the 230's-260's before landing on 249. i will admit that i did a wee bit of a jig on my way into the shower stall, even though i knew there was absolutely positively no way that i had really lost that much weight in such a short period of time. but i figured i would check my scale when i got home that night & perhaps it would be at the very low 260's or possibly even in the '50's, oh hope of all hopes!

when i get home i rush to pull out my scale & see what my trusty home scale says, the result? well, it wasn't 249, not even frickin close. it was 270, yup, a full 21 pounds higher than the one at work. now i have heard the whole schpeal about "different scales read differently because of where you're located on the earth." i went from minnetonka to st. paul, there's most definitely not a 21 lb difference between the two, i guar-un-tee it. i did go into this knowing the work scale was only very slightly off from my home, by a pound or two.

*shaking my fist at the weight loss gods* why have you forsaken me so? now i'm going to admit, i haven't been an angel of late, far from it. but i also haven't been lounging stuffing my face with bon-bons & pizza & assorted other nectars of the gods. i've had a few sweets here & there, some potato chips. but i've been being uber conscious on everything i put in my face. especially knowing that i'll have to look at myself & my chins in the mirror at the gym when i do my weight training.

i'll also admit that i haven't been so uber awesome on the exercise either. i've missed some days, out of sickness & just being plain lazy. but seriously guys, the scale is moving UP not DOWN. & the first person to tell me i'm building muscle & losing fat is going to get a taste of a knuckle sandwich. but still, i have been doing some fairly consistent exercise, more than i have been doing in the past. so what's the deal-io? huh?

blech. i did an hour & a half this morning, which i'm proud of. i'm also trying to temper my over indulgence. they have cake here today to celebrate someone being with the company for 20+ years, & it's chocolate, so i'm having an eensy-weensy piece, it's even got a pink rose! but i also know that if i don't indulge just a smidgen it'll be way worse later on when my choco craving dragon rears its ugly head.

now i just need to find out what i've done so that the scale gods will quit smiting me. please? sacrifice a cheesecake? actually *gasp* go for a run? what, oh what, will appease these ravenous monsters?

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