Tuesday, June 27, 2006

i met the devil today, & boy does he taste good!

jack & i were watching unwrapped on the food channel last week & we saw this wonderful treat being made, cinnapretzels. & we drooled, & i lusted, & we both agreed whole heartedly that they sure did look scrumdiddlyumptious. basically they're a pretzel with huge chunks of cinnamon baked in & then they have a mini-cinnabon placed in the center. then they're served with some icing over the minibon & a cup of icing for dipping. now seriously, doesn't that sound awesomely delicious?

today at target we encountered the devil himself in the target snack bar! & while i was off trying to be a good girl & get my meds jack bought a cinnapretzel with a coke zero. seriously, by the time you're consuming that many calories & that much sugar, how can a diet pop really matter? but that aside, it tasted divine. all hot & gooey & sugary-cinnamony fantastic. i died a wee little bit. totally foodgasmic.

now before i get a million & a half comments saying "yo, quit eating the sweets if you don't wanna be a fat bitch forever" i do realize that indulging like this basically makes all the hard work i'm doing futile. but to that i'll say, well at least i'm exercising instead of eating crap food & then sitting on my ass watching jerry springer. & it's not like i'm going to run to target every day & get a cinnapretzel & wash it down with a coke zero, but it was nice to try it. & it's really yummy. & i wouldn't be opposed to sharing one with my lovely fiance now & again. maybe we could get one of those international coffees to go with it so we could have a conversation spoken in nothing but fragments.
"this reminds me of..."
"that time in iowa...."
"when we went..."
"& then you...."
ok, i want to slap myself right now, holy crap that's annoying even in jest.

so if you're looking for a sugar high head over to a target food avenue & find one of those pretzels. they're chewy, sugary, cinnamony, & a wondrous treat for your taste buds. but be forewarned, they really are evil too.

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