Friday, June 02, 2006

new wardrobe, party of fat please? (take two)

**note, i had this post written & was trying to post it when blogger freaked out, errored, & erased it & i couldn't recover it& now i have to rewrite it. SO not a happy camper right now**

summer is here & it's the time of year when the sun comes out, humidity rises, sweaty skin sticks to itself, & jeans are too hot to wear for casual gear. shorts, capris, tank tops, & whatever exposes the most skin to whatever breezes happen to wander. closets are gone through to pick out the cutest of last year's clothes as the new summer approaches. this is one of those stories {law & order da-dunk-dunk}

tonight i'm going out with jack & the whole gang to celebrate josh's birthday, happy 28th dude! we're planning on heading into down town to a bar that has a $5 cover & then we get to drink free for an hour. yesterday i had been telling jenn about this wicked cute outfit that i have, a black & white plaid mini skirt, black bustier, & fish nets. so last night i went rummaging through my dresser to find it & yippee! i found it, then i tried it on & it doesn't fit, not so yippee. the last time i wore the skirt was in august when i was in vegas on the fated night that i went to club vivid. what happens in vegas most definitely stays in vegas, so that's all you'll get of that story. suffice to say i was smokin' sexy hot looking & it was a night to remember. so fast forward about eight months & bingo-bango the skirt won't even come up over my ghetto booty, despite all those ass checks & "oh yeah, your butt is getting smaller" comments! blech. talk about feeling crummy about yourself. & that does beg the question, if my ass is getting smaller than a month or so ago, then how shamu have i gotten since last summer?

there are two main ways that i could react to this wardrobe malfunction. plan a: pass the goddamn chocolate, please?! & while your at it grab me a pizza too. or plan b: pilates, crunches, & cardio OH-MY! the first plan has definite appeal. some yummy chocolate, maybe with a carmel center, to soothe my spirit while i crawl in a hole & lick my wounds. then again, that's kind of behavior that got me to this place. the other plan seems less appealing at first. intellectually i know that by exercising every day & monitoring what i eat not only will i lose weight, which is my paramount goal right now, but i will also feel loads better, with more energy & able to do more activities, which is also really important to me. even while actually knowing all the benefits, sweating & all that hard work seems like a real buzz kill.

& yet, i do want to be around to harass my family & friends for a long time to come, so i'll take plan b, dammit. i will give myself kudos for the fact that yesterday i did get in all of my 96oz of water. i also did over an hour of exercise yesterday. & this morning, despite my disappointment & feeling horrible about my skirt fiasco last night, i got up before 5 am today to work out. i also had to be to work before 8am, so i'm pretty proud of that one. not super fantabulous, but it's a good move in the right direction.

on top of the whole skirt fiasco, last week i discovered that all of the wicked cute capris that i bought last year are much too tight for me to comfortably wear right now. so this gives me an opportunity to set a new goal. that is for me to, by the end of the summer, be able to fit into my mini skirt & capris. with that said, from here on forward end of summer will mean the last day of the minnesota state fair which is labor day & fit will mean being able to wear said clothing without feeling like i'm impersonating a polish sausage.

some motivation would be nice right now. on the one hand i can visualize myself working out & being the picture of miss health in what i eat everyday. & the devil on my other shoulder is saying that being bad is so good. & wouldn't i really like some cheesecake right now? i think i need a montage. a weight loss montage. eye of the tiger, anyone?

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