Wednesday, June 07, 2006

the ultimate key to weight loss lies within this blog

i finally discovered the key to weight loss for obsessive food lovers, lose your sense of taste. now hear me out on this one. you may find it interesting. over the past week or so i've been noticing that my food just doesn't taste quite right. it's not that it's bad, perse, it's just not really there. i first started noticing that the taste was just "off" on some of my favorite foods. then i noticed that the taste wasn't just off, it just wasn't there.

the main taste buds that seem to be affected are sweet & salty. which is pretty much a real downer in general. my mom attributes this to the odd virus that i have that she was generous enough to share. my dad thinks that it may be due to a drug interaction between the meds i'm taking. i'm not sure either way, but i just know that it's happening.

it's like my sense of taste has a volume control & it's been turned way down to 1. occasionally i can taste the food, but most times it's just the texture. now when you take the actual taste away from food, the textures wind up being odd & in some cases completely disgusting. try eating a banana when you can't taste it. very un appealing. applesauce is also a pretty weird one. oh, & a pizza sandwhich when you can't taste any of it, yeah, i can barely even begin to describe that one.

my hope is that this really is something easily corrected, ie virus or med interaction. i really don't want to think about the other possibilities because, to be quite frank, it gives me the heebeegeebees. i'm taking a joking attitude towards all of this because it's the way that i can best deal with the whole thing. jack on the other hand is pretty upset & wants me to rush to the doctor right away. i told him this isn't going to kill me, & maybe it'll be great for weight loss. when you can't taste your food you really don't want to eat. & you especially don't want to overeat because what's the fun of eating something when you can't taste it?

if this winds up being chronic i will miss tasting my food. especially since it seems to be mainly salty & sweet. that totally ruins the popcorn/chocolate combo at the movie theater. as it is, i'm not putting too much time or energy into worrying about this. so wish my luck all. or maybe don't wish me luck. seriously, this could be one of those blessing in disguise things, like that chinese farmer with the horse parable. you know the one.

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