Monday, June 05, 2006

a wee bit o' nausea never hurt anyone

over the last week i did get my jiggle free buns, arms, & my transfirmer in the mail, yippee! & last night i went crazy & did a whole bunch of cleaning, straightening, & junk tossing in my room. so i now have space actually in my bedroom to work out. when i woke up this morning i thought, "hmmm, i have enough time before i need to shower & leave for work, maybe i'll try one of those new firm videos." it really did seem like a fantabulous idea at the time.

i won't bitch & moan & say it was a totally horrible experience, because it wasn't. but, the video was more difficult than the workouts i've been doing recently, however not impossible. there were parts that i just wasn't able to do, like the tricep press, or whatever it's called. i put my hands on the edge, tried to do the lower & up thing, & promptly fell on my tchkus in a most ungraceful manner. & then the whole plank push up while raising up one leg, i just about face planted when i attempted that. & while i had thought my room had enough space to effectively do the whole dvd, i was just a bit wrong, by about two feet. so i had to scrunch up a couple of times to try to do the moves. i did learn a few lessons. next time, i'll do the video in the livingroom. & my upper body is wicked weak, which means i need to start doing more weight lifting to get those muscles awake & working!

now back to the nausea. when i finished the dvd i was proud of myself that i had completed it without passing out or having a heart attack. i reached for my water to take a drink, & i'll be honest, i threw up a little bit in my mouth. is that the sign of a good work out? or one that was just a bit too intense? either way it was kinda gross, the kind of thing that could make a person not want to work out if every time they did so they had to vomit a little bit. but, i will do another work out tomorrow morning, i haven't decided which dvd, to firm or not to firm, that is the question.

i'm also 25 minutes from my goal of an hour, so i'll do some weight lifting at work, or maybe take my puppy for a walk when i get home, something to make up that extra time. who knows, maybe i'll be uber motivated & do both of them. it couldn't hurt, right? especially if it keeps me away from the chocolate chip cookies & ice cream that have invaded my house this past weekend.

for the record, it wasn't any of my jiggle free dvds that i did this morning, it was one of the other ones, super charged sculpting or something like that. i have watched both my jiggle free arms & buns to see what moves i'll need to do in the workouts, & then seem fairly handle-able. one of the areas that i'm really paranoid about is my arms. especially since i've committed myself to a strapless wedding dress. yikes! & of course, if you remember the ass checks, i'm worried about de-ghetto-fying my booty. so getting it jiggle free will be a great move in that direction.

ah, remember last week's lament about office potlucks? today my regional manager stopped by to give us cheesecake. i'm not sure why. nice of him, super sweet. but damn evil too. jenn said "seriously....cheesecake? rich fattens us up and leaves?" it was a drive by cheesecaking. mmmm.....cheesecake {homer simpson-esq drool}. i'll eat it because otherwise it's food abuse. but i'll savor it slowly. & save most of it for after my lean cuisine lunch.

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