Friday, July 28, 2006

buh-bye carb countdown

for the first 2-4 weeks of being on the south beach diet they're very strict about staying away from most carbs while you detox your body, so i'm having my little pity-party this weekend & saying my fond farewells to my friends, carbohydrates. it's not good bye for ever, just for a little while- - -name that movie quote for one million brownie points!

basically no potatoes, bread, pasta, or fruit for two weeks! then after that i can slowly add some of it back, but basically if it's overly processed or white ie: white bread, white potatoes, pasta made with white flour, then it should be avoided for a very long time, or for ever, depending on your cravings & tolerances. i know it sounds extreme, but hey, dying & being so mother freakin' fat that you have to hire an nfl team to carry your custom made casket from the u-haul to the grave site is also pretty extreme. ok, yeah, i'm not that big, but it also doesn't take too long to get out of control & i need to stop this at some point & with something as my motivation.

my main hope is that i'm not a south biotch for the next few weeks. i can foresee myself getting quite cranky while my body goes through sugar & carb withdrawal. but luckily i can surround myself with people that love me & will forgive me of any slight transgressions that i make during this transitional period in my life. & luckily my mom is going out of town on saturday august 5th so that she won't be around & i won't be tempted to fight with her about my wedding. i'm seriously sick of that crud.

oh, & for the record, my lovely wedding planner for the reception portion, nicole, heard my side of the story & said that my mom has definitely crossed lines & is totally on my side. then again, she is my wedding planner, so i would hope that she's on my side in this whole thing.

oh holy mis-planning batman! i'm supposed to do a tasting for the food for my wedding in a week & a half! why is this a big deal? i'll be at the end of my detoxing & i'm having my wedding catered by cossetta's. which is a very yummy italian restaurant for those of you outside of the twin cities. hmmm, this does create an interesting dilemma. well, i'll just have to go for it. because, after all, this is the food for my wedding reception, i should be able to know what it tastes like so i can make an informed decision, i'll just have to have my detox period be for closer to four weeks than two.

& as soon as i'm done detoxing then i'll be headed to the state fair where their motto is "if it's edible we'll skewer it & deep fry it." ok, that really isn't their motto, their real motto is "the great minnesota get together," but for anyone that's been to the minnesota state fair it really is a fried food festival. but most of it's very yummy. have you ever had a deep fried candy bar on a stick? i have & it's very very yummy!

so maybe i'll be detoxing for six weeks. at least i can keep exercising & do that with consistency. & soon i'll have my exercise buddy back, yippee!

ooooh! quick work update: left the company that i was with, got a job at the location that i had been contracted with, so i get to stay at my nice office with my friendly coworker's & kick ass gym! i've officially been an employee here since monday & i'm loving it. great to be home with my fuzzy pink dog with her tiara & all my heart shaped pink stickies on my monitor. life is good. now i just need to get one of those pink usb lava lamps from think geek & all will be grand.

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Josh said...

Hehe! USB lava lamps! I love those things! such a delightfully useless device to hook up to your computer.. :)