Wednesday, July 26, 2006

how to become a south beachy bunny, baby:

so after much net lurking & scouring many many blogs, my favs are on the right there under the links-thingy, i've come to a conclusion. first one: i don't want my weight loss blog to me another "oh poor me, the oreo's are haunting me, whiney bitch fest" the second: is that while i loathe the atkins diet with it's "absolutely no carbs but here, eat all the bacon you want, why not top it with a steak accented with a hamburger?" i am going to try the south beach diet.

ok, i'll wait while you all regain consciousness. [checking my watch] [tap tap tappity tap tap] hello mcfly?! ok, you can wake up now.

now south beach doesn't totally eliminate carbs, i want that said first & foremost upfront here people. but it does encourage distinguishing between "good" & "bad" carbs. & the basic difference here is all in how the fuel is burned. look at good carbs like a log on a fire, it takes a while to burn, slowly fueling the fire. look at bad carbs as kindling or newspaper, sure they burn, but it doesn't take a heck of a lot of work to turn them into ash. so, with good carbs your body has to work harder to digest those foods & break them down, bad carbs almost instantly turn into sugar & hit your bloodstream fast.

i've been reading the south beach diet book, which is quite interesting actually. even if you're not into the diet you may learn some nifty stuff about your body & how you burn food & why you sometimes have the cravings you do. so far it's making a lot of sense to me. i'm by no means ready to shout the diet's praises from the roof tops, especially since i'm not even on the dang thing yet. but i'm cautiously optimistic. one of the bloggers i read, pasta queen, owes her success to the south beach diet. she's actually the one that made me interested in researching it, thanks pasta queen!

& as i was thinking back to my great weight loss of 2004/2005 i basically just start eating smarter, better, & i eliminated a lot of my cravings. duh?! so examining that closely what i saw was that i stopped eating candy, sugared pop, cake, donuts, ice cream, brownies, cookies, all of that stuff loaded with sugar & processed to death. & it was tough at first, although it did help that i was still wearing my hippy brc** shades & my world was covered by playa dust**. so i was still feeling the good vibes through most of my detox period. & then by the time those shades were lifted i was good & off the sugar & the grease.

seriously, it sounds like i'm strung out on cherry coke & cheeseburgers "come-on man, just a kids meal, please, just a little taste to tide me over. i'm hurtin' here." no, i'm not making fun of drunks or junkies, some of my best friends are recovering from one or both of these ailments, but i seriously feel that way. sometimes that craving is so utterly overwhelming i can't help it. i'm not hungry, i've had dinner, but that urge comes over me & i would do just about anything for a whopper junior, onion rings, & coke icee float. mmmm.....coke icee float....[drools] or a nice big slice of pizza with that yummy garlic dippy stuff & a nice cold mike's hard lime & of course buffalo wings....

i don't like being like this, sitting at work, staring off into space, & thinking, "damn, i should stop at kfc on my way home & get a personal pan pizza & some wings" no, not exaggerating, i hadn't been thinking of it until i started my little mini rant about wanting to not crave grease & there i go craving it. i'm like one of those fooking hamsters on those wheels. the little buggers keep trying to get some place, they think they'll get out of their cage if they just run a bit faster, but all they're really doing is getting higher up on the wheel & assuring that their little feets are going to slip right off the bars & they'll spin until they get dizzy. ((yes, feets was intentional, & it's funny but wrong to laugh at a dizzy hamster falling out of their wheel, & yes i've done it))

**too long to explain, check out the burning man website

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