Wednesday, July 26, 2006

i miss light brown m&m's

yesterday evening i was munching on a couple of m&m's when i looked down & realized the color palate just wasn't quite right. it took a moment of thoughtful munching to realize what was wrong. the bright blue m&m's. the just looked wrong there in the more earthy hue. the rest of the chocolate candies looked like they were plucked out of a scene of a tranquil fall day, even the green. but the blue is just shockingly different to the senses. ok, for all you squeeky wheels out there, yes, on a fall day the sky would be blue, but not electric blue, it would be softer, more natural.

now closely upon the heels of this realization was another one. kids out there now have no idea that m&m's used to be light brown! they've always known them to include the little blue bugger. now seriously, that made me feel old. really really freaking old. i know things change, & maybe it's just a fat chick trait that my ah-ha moment revolves around candy, but whoa, it definitely tilted my world.

it also brought to mind a conversation jack & i were having on monday. how did we get around before mapquest? i wasn't driving long before mapquest hit the scene, so i had no real sense of how you found your way around. my guess is it was a whole lot of asking people how to get places, looking at maps, & stopping at your friendly, er, maybe not always so friendly, neighborhood gas station for directions.

i feel old. blech.

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Josh said...

Too bad the kids don't know much about the smurfs either, or they might realize the blue M & M's are actually smurf turds!