Thursday, July 06, 2006

let me off this ride!

so yesterday was a horrid emotional roller coaster to say the very least.

first: at work i was told that i'm being moved to another location. so i'm being removed from my nice mellow office to the high-stressed corporate office where everyone is in a perpetual bad mood. yeah, that really made my day (note the sarcasm, please)

then, during my last break i was checking my voicemail & i had a message from my dad saying that my dog ran off. he (my dog, not my dad) was outside to go to the bathroom & someone in the neighborhood lit a firecracker, he (once again, dog not dad) spooked & ran. needless to say i was a basketcase & was sent home. thankfully jenn was still here & volunteered to stay until 8pm so that i could head home at 6pm. she really is a sweetheart!

luckily part of this has a happy ending. my baby-boy walker was returned home to me last night after 9pm by two very nice ladies who found him wandering near some office buildings. one of them was a vet tech so she scanned his neck & got the chip number, called the st. francis, the shelter i adopted him from, & got my phone number. today i'll be getting him one of those little engraved name charms with his name & my phone number. we're also going to triple check the gates every time before we let him out.

the work situation blows, most definitely. but if only one of the "tragedies" of yesterday was going to turn out well for me, i'm glad that my puppy is home safe & sound. i was downright petrified that something bad would happen to him. my pets really are a part of my family. i do know that if he wouldn't've had the chip put in his neck by the shelter that we may not have gotten him back. so anyone with a pet, i would highly encourage you to pay the money for the service.

for now, we'll call this a blog. that's all folks!

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