Thursday, July 20, 2006

riddle me this, batman!

ok, so how does this one work? my scale has been going up, but people at work have been saying that i look thinner. my dress pants are nearly falling off me & often flashing my highly inappropriate panties at people while my blouses are getting tighter, especially over the afore mentioned mitendorfs. seriously guys, what's the deal here? it doesn't make sense. it's like the chewbacca defense, really, it is.

could it be because of the fact that almost all of my workouts lately have been cardio? an hour, give or take, on the elliptical without much heavy lifting to counter balance it? but then what explains the expanding that's going on in my upper arm area, i'm seriously starting to believe that if i flap my arms fast enough & hard enough i'll lift off the ground. if i'm not careful i'm going to give myself a black eye one of these days just waving to someone. now how would you explain that one to the urgent care nurse? "honest, my boyfriend isn't hitting me, i got excited & waved hello to the neighbors & my out of control flappy mitendorf jumped up & clocked me a good one." yeah, right, i don't even believe it & i've already been slapped around by said flapping fat.

yeah, lift some weights. i know already, back off! sorry, the voices are a wee bit uppity today. now if you'll all recall back a couple months or so, sheesh, has it been that long already? wait, let me check my blogs, wa-it for it. . . . yup, back beginning of june is when i got my jiggle free arms, well, the dvd anyway. & not long after that i got my transfirmer too. so, if i would've been using them all this time instead of lounging about maybe i wouldn't be in fear of a fat caused black eye from a friendly wave hello. yeah, & if the dog would'nt've stopped to lick his butt he would've caught the rabbit. i get it. just gotta look forward, right?

& onto other "riddle me this's" . . . . i stepped on the work scale today after my workout, the one that has been teasing me with false readings a good twenty pounds less than reality. i just wanted a feel good moment. well the little trickster is close to reality again. it said i was 269.2. ah-hem, now once again, seriously guys, what's up with that one?! it could be some kindly security guard or cleaning person switched the woman's bathroom scale with the men's bathroom scale & now all the guys think they're svelte as all get out. or the ghost has left the machine for the day. i prefer the ghost in the machine option. leaving it's earthly shell behind for a bit. god i hope there's some anime geeks reading this right now, otherwise i'm the only one smirking, how very very sad.

so five more days til my second weekly wednesday weigh in, complete with pretty rainbow, pot of gold, & pink scale counter. souls, i need souls. ah-hem, sorry, that's goals. as with all new things, i'm adopting the k-i-s-s strategy. (keep it simple stupid). so two goals will be all i'm looking for in the next week, & those two will be: drink 64 oz water each day. not gain any weight. ok, very small, slightly pathetic, but i'm trying not to get overwhelmed here.

also, thanks for the comment pearl. i am trying to be a good little butterball & take my vitamins. i have vitamin C chews, & i'm trying to take one each morning when i wake up. i've also got some "complete" multi-vitamins. i think that's a great idea to try some vitamins &/or minerals, there are a lot of natural products out there that have great healing power without being a diet supplement. & sorry you had to create a blog hun, i thought i reset the comment thingy so that anyone can leave one. ((note to self: check comments setting))

& on that note, believe it or not, i've been trying this supplement that my dad uses. it's kind of expensive to take, almost $100 per month, but he's had great improvements on it. he has more energy, has been taking less naps, his blood sugar is down, & his legs have been healing. for those of you who don't know my dad has really bad problems with his legs & has often been off of work on temporary disability in the past few years for months at a time because his legs will crack, split open & get infected. the doctors have talked a few times in the past already about amputation, so he's super diligent to check his legs/circulation every morning- - - & they're getting better! that's the biggest selling point to me. it's a twin cities based company, so it's local, which i like, but they do have a website. once i try it for three or four weeks i'll tell you all more, so remind me september 1st! in the mean time, if anyone wants to know more, send me a message & i'll give you the info one-on-one. i'm not advertising in anyway, just saying that it's been really helping my dad & i'm trying it too.

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PensivePearl said...

You should also consider Hoodia Gordonia. It is a plant they eat in Africa that makes you not hungry, sort of a miracle plant at this point. It's always being featured on Oprah. The cool thing about it is that there are no side effects... no caffeine, so you don't get nauseous. My mom has been taking it for weeks now, and she has lost over 10lbs... her cravings for bad food just cut down. She no longer snacks either. I've tried it, it does work, but it's expensive. If you go to Sams Club, you could get a 30 day supply for 30 bucks though.

I also think you are losing inches... and you weigh more because muscle weighs more than fat. okay, that's all for now.