Wednesday, July 19, 2006

weekly wednesday weigh-in #1

welcome to a new selection of beckah's blog, my weekly wednesday weigh-in. i figured since i'd be doing this at least i should have something fun about it, the alliteration, of course : )

as you'll see above i have a lovely new weight counter, & each week i'll post a blog with my stats, a pretty new counter, & i'll update the one at the top.

my goal is to be well under 250 when october rolls around & my wedding dress finally gets into the shop.

so here's the results for week #1. the high number is what my highest weight was back in the late '90's. i'm not proud of it at all, but i also think i should celebrate that accomplishment of being out of the 300's.

original weight: 323 lbs
today's weight: 272 lbs

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