Tuesday, July 25, 2006

what's that in the sky?

it's a bird, it's a plane, oh wait, it's. . .it's. . .invisible! wtf, where did they go?

so i'm getting my smile fixed, yippee! as many of you who've known me for years know, i did indeed have braces. so seriously, i was fat with glasses & braces, i really had no chance for being a popular kid, did i? but anyway i did have braces, & retainers, & my orthodontist forgot my name, so i eventually stopped wearing my retainers & voila, my teeth decided to rearrange themselves, so my teeth are slightly fooked, gang.

now i didn't especially enjoy my braces experience the first time around, & didn't relish the thought of doing it all over again. but my wonderful dentist had talked with me back at the end of 2004 about something called invisiline. basically it's a serious of trays that slowly move your teeth from their original fooked up position to the desired perfect placement. my dentist did tell me that i will have a long treatment time, probably about a year or more. & that i will need retainers for probably the rest of my life. my teeth are pesky little buggers that really want to do what the heck they want to do!

it's not a cheap treatment, & i hate to admit how much i'm paying for this little piece of vanity. but i also feel that part of what's important in my weight loss journey is in general feeling good about myself, & i really don't feel great about my teeth. it's not like i look like my teeth have never seen the inside of a dentist's office, but they are kinda crooked & it does bug me a lot. & i know my parents, especially my dad, are pretty upset that they spent all that money on orthodonture only to have my teeth look pretty messed up anyway. although, granted, they're loads better now than before i started the whole process. all i'm gonna say is maybe it's not such a bad thing to look at a potential spouse's mouth & jaw alignment before committing to procreation with said person.

& of course with my wedding looming on the horizon, about 49 weeks away, i really want to look great & feel great on that day. yeah yeah yeah yeah, i know it's not all about my physical appearance. but i also know myself well enough to know that i'm a closed mouth smiler when i'm feeling self conscious about my teeth, & my teeth are the very last thing i should be thinking about on my wedding day. i also think that as i make this change it will help me others. OH, & as a nice little bonus i'll have to brush & floss my teeth after i eat anything, which will prevent me from excessive snacking since i'll need to have these puppies on my teeth for around 20hrs/day. nice, huh?

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