Tuesday, August 15, 2006

gino's: a pizza review

so i'm no longer a chitown, or gino's, virgin. thank you josh.

josh, jack, & i decided to take an impromptu road trip this past weekend. originally we were headed south for ribs, yup, to that great rib capital, ames, iowa. before the guffaws begin, hickory park in ames is a pretty good rib place for being in corn country, & it's a reasonable driving distance. & a rather fun jaunt. well, as it turns out, it was the iowa state fair this past weekend & all the hotels were booked. yeah, i know, i never would've guessed either. so then we were going to crash my mom & dad's anniversary week in duluth, but josh didn't want to stay with them 'cause no wireless & all the hotels in da-loot (duluth for non-minneSNOWtans) were booked due to some jazz festival. yeah, seriously, what are the odds that our first two destinations were all booked? so even though we only had 24hrs, give or take a couple, we decided to go south east to chitown (chicago).

we booked a last minute 4star hotel via a website for a super cheap rate & we were off to the land of a thousand toll booths. ok, first we had to go through the land of a thousand cows, which also seems to be stuck in 1991, but that's a whole other issue.

ah, how i love the phenomenon known as a road trip. you pack your stuff, your friends, & yourself into a car & head off to parts unknown, or known but well loved. one thing that i did notice on this road trip is my affinity for "road food." no, i wasn't picking up flatten squirrels & making rodent tar-tar. but rather the abundance of high sugar, high fat, yummy snacks found at the gas stations-rest stops-truck stops-drive thrus all along the highway. & somehow, as soon as i crawled into the back seat of josh's car i completely forgot about this blog, my work outs, struggle to lose weight, the whole sha-bang was out the window as my eyes glazed over with the wondrous treats offered by the miles of road & the hours of nothing to do but munch & talk & sleep.

but what of the pizza, you cry? ok, skip past the: oodles of road chocolate, a&w float, 2am mcdonald's run, apple pie breakfast, & mediocre shake from a 24 flavor baskin robbins, to da 'zza. it was good. i know, marty is dying of a heart attack right now, but i can't say that i agree it was the absolute best pizza in the whole entire world. that's a mighty bold statement. it was fairly tasty.

however, i will make the claim that the wings were the best buffalo wings that i have ever had in my life. i know, i've yet to visit buffalo ny & go to the original home of buffalo wings, but these were mighty tasty. hot, but not scalding, pleasant tingle. the meat so juicy it fell right off the bones. the bleu cheese was chunky, but subtle & smooth.

while i wouldn't drive to chitown just for gino's pizza, i might drive there for the wings if it weren't for all those effing toll-booths along the way. & i'd fly except the airlines would take away my flask. boo. double boo. think they'd airmail me a few pounds of wings & a half gallon of bleu cheese?


PensivePearl said...

Ah yes, I know those famous road trips to Ginos all too well... they are like a long lost friend that I loved and hated at the same time for making me gain 50 lbs in a few short months. kinda like Josh HAHA

Ahhh.. those were the days. My heart is envious, but my skort button is happy that I didn't go.

Josh said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Gino's.......

A slice of heaven, er, Gino's sounds pretty damn good right now, especially considering I'm on this f'in liquid diet for the next 2 weeks! :)

Was definitely a fun trip!

Oh, and does anyone else think the random letters 'oohejap' that I have to type in for verification are moderately politically incorrect? Awesome! Randomly generated political incorectness!