Friday, August 25, 2006

i thought i thaw a puddy cat

oh wait, it's just the hairless wonder.

so for all of you who don't yet know what my brother did to my cat, here's the 411. on wednesday he took poor miss cleopatra into the vet to get her rabies shot (that i don't object to) he then took her out to the groomer's & had her shaved. yup, he shaved my cat, without my permission. that's just not cool folks. now instead of being completely hairless she does have some fur, not much of it, but a little bit. she has what's called a "lion's cut." which means she has fur on her head, her front paws, the back ones from the joint down, & about 3 inches of her tail is fluffy. the rest is just gone with the wind. poor thing looks like she's wearing leg warmers.

& she scares me on a daily basis now. i catch sight of her out of the corner of my eye & i scream a bit. she's just dang freaky looking. i think she's also really cold now too, she's taken to sleeping in my bed or cuddling with me all the time. then again, maybe she just wants to stay far away from my brother since he did that to her.

now, this doesn't prevent me from sharing this with the public. so i will be taking some pics of her soon & posting them here just because she is quite amusing looking.

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Josh said...

Definitely need pictures!!! I'm still laughing at this.. Who the hell takes somebodies cat and gets it shaved on a whim??? Oh yes, that's right, your brother! LOL!