Wednesday, August 30, 2006

just a little to the left

it's been proven to me that i am much too much a creature of habit & i really need to make my brain work a little bit more instead of shut off & sing the "meow-meow" song. you know the one "meow meow meow meow meow..." the meow mix song? anyway.

i had once read that in order to keep your brain sharp & strong that you need to exercise it like you would any other muscle. lately i haven't been exercising my brain enough, especially at work. i've very much gotten into my routine & i'm perfectly happy with leaving things be the exact same way each day, but there is a danger in that if you don't challenge your mind it will shut off & go along thinking that things are copesetic, when really they aren't.

take today for instance. now for some reason the cleaning staff always decide to clean the bathroom near my cube right around my break time of 1:45pm. some days if i hurry i can get in the bathroom first, or sometimes i'll grab some water or yogurt from the break room & then head to the bathroom. today i decided i had to go to the bathroom right away, & drats, the one near me was closed.

i hurried, & yet was casual about it, to the other bathroom on the far end of the building. that bathroom is the exact same as the one that i normally use except for it's all a mirror opposite. so the sinks are on my right when i walk in instead of my left. & in the stall the toilet paper is on the left instead of the right. excellent opportunity to flex your brain you say? well, it would've been if i had been paying attention. instead i was preoccupied & i'd let my brain think of other things & put my body on auto-pilot. which was not necessarily a good thing. since everything in that bathroom is just slightly different than the one i normally go to my auto pilot slightly malfunctioned & i nearly fell off the toilet. as it was i slipped to my right, clunking my right elbow hard into the tiled wall before regaining my balance & settling in properly. & to top it all off, there was someone at the sinks when i came in who had to have heard the loud thwumk of elbow meeting wall.

i'm thinking that it's a sign from "up-above" for me to start being mindful of myself & my surroundings. also that maybe i shouldn't be so set in my ways & in doing everything the exact same all the time. i guess at least i know that the universe has a sense of humor when it comes to my life. how else can you explain nearly falling off a toilet with your pants around your ankles?

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