Thursday, August 31, 2006

let's hear it for the boy

now protect the innocent & embarrassed i'll use aliases for the following blog, but this is based on true events.

so my good friend suzy sent me a random im today saying that her boy toy is on the way to the er because he thinks he has a broken arm. & she then tells me it was a really stupid stunt, so i had to ask what happened. & oh boy, am i glad that i did. so suzy tells me what mike did.

his roommate whet to his booty call's place & mike accidentally got locked out of his apartment. now instead of calling his roomie, or paying the lockout fee, or calling suzy to crash at her place, he decides he can handle it. keep in mind, ALL of this is true.

so mike does have access to his storage unit & has his car keys. don't ask me how he doesn't have apartment keys at this point. so he pulls his car up under his apartment window. & then puts a kitchen table on top of it. & then put a chair on top of that. so he stacks all of this up on his car & then proceeds to climb onto the car, onto the table, & then onto the chair so that he can reach his bedroom window.

i know what you're thinking. he fell off of all of this & broke his arm hitting the pavement. nope, wait for it. he then fell INTO his apartment & he thinks that he broke his arm then.

now while mike was making this tower of furniture one of his conscientious neighbors called the cops. so after he falls into his apartment the cops come knocking. & while falling into his apartment somehow mike managed to rip his pants, so he's standing there, talking to the cops, his junk hanging out, & his car piled high with furniture & he needs to get to the hospital.

i'll admit i'm highly amused by this anecdote, but i'm also hoping that mike is doing well & that he didn't break his arm. but if he did, i'm not sure how much loving he'll be getting from the chicas. suzy said that mike is going to get a hot pink cast if his arm is broken. & she said it makes her less than hot.

poor mike. injured. no nookie. & bucking for the white trash bloopers reel of cops.

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Josh said...

dude, 5 days, no new blogs? Yer slackin' here!! ;)

Oh, and today's verification word is curegu.. that sounds like some strange medicine to prevent tojam or something.. Tired of all that gooey stuff, then buy CURE GU today!!! (sorry, haven't slept in almost 24 hours.. haha..)