Monday, August 07, 2006

a nicely worded warning:

for anyone putting "JUNK" comments on my blog i have enabled word verification. & i removed all the crap comments. if this continues to be done i'll move to comment moderation. pedal your crap some where else.

for all of you nice blog readers that have left amusing messages, thank you, i appreciate that. & please continue to do so, i enjoy hearing from all of you.

& yo marty! giving me crap about not commenting on ONE of your blogs, hmmm.... i've checked my archives & i've received no comments at all from you. to quote josh "what's the dilly?"


Josh said...

For only $19.95, you can be the proud owner of a new Flobee.. Get them now while supplies last!! hehehe

Jessica said...

junk junk junk.... hehehe