Monday, August 28, 2006

pain: a balancing act

i read an article that said that women who exercise regularly, at least three times per week for 30min each time can decrease their cramps by 30% or more. which begs the question, is it better to have a little pain everyday, or crippling pain for a few days? for a while i didn't pay any attention to that, even forgot all about it, until today.

today i'm in such bad pain i want to curl up in a ball, in bed, doped up on lots of narcotics, until i drift into a wondrous drug induced haze with pretty colors & talking bunnie wabbits. or pretty bunnie wabbits & talking colors. either way works splendidly for me.

of course i realize that if i worked out a couple days a week i would feel better in general. i'd be less stressed out, which would lead to fewer headaches & backaches & spazzing muscles. all of which have been happening pretty much daily lately. & of course there'd be the increase in energy. building muscle. losing fat. losing weight. wow, isn't that a novel idea? exercise & get healthy.

i know i whine a lot about this. but somehow i can't get up the motivation to do anything. although starting next tuesday jenn will be done with training, & so i better find some motivation soon because she wants me to be her work out buddy. i know i'll whine & bitch, & most likely give her the evil eye. but when she & i were working out together this past winter we were both doing really well.

large doses of narcotics really aren't an option, are they? eh, a girl can hope, right?

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Diary of an irish woman said...

Hiya - came off the pill in June so last month was first "real period". All I can say is good thing I didnt have any ground missiles handy or I would have taken out something. Sweet Lord I had forgotten how bad they were after 15 odd yrs on the pill or something else. So feel your pain sisterchick - those pads that warm up from the drug store are good and I use those as a hot water bottle was always the best for me. So see if they work and good work on keeping up the exercise. Last year I couldnt do half a mile without panting and by March me and Shelia were up to 7 miles. Of course I slipped back to lazy again so back on the road again and working my way back to fitness one minute at a time. Have a wonderful weekend sister and tty soon !