Thursday, August 10, 2006


i was talking with a good friend of mine from the bay area, we'll call her lemonade, about this whole weight loss schtick, my upcoming wedding, & general discussions about the refusal of the poundage to drop, & she mentioned the lovely ticker at the top of my page. & one thing that she expressed was a concern over the goal weight that i have listed, currently at 140 lbs. now according to those nasty BMI charts & every doctor's office i've ever stepped foot in, my ideal weight range is 118-150. so i thought that picking 140 lbs was pretty sensible, not too high, but not super low either. but after my talk last night with lemonade, i'm thinking perhaps i was wrong.

she is similar in height & build to myself. & also an utterly gorgeous foxy mamma, i must say! & she was telling me that i would most likely look very sickly & unhealthy if i let myself actually drop that low. she knows because she used to be that thin. & i did get to thinking, & when i was at my lowest a year & a half ago, at around 230-ish, i looked pretty dang good. not super model thin or anything, but i had some kickin' curves happening & i looked pretty smokin' hot. so maybe somewhere around 175 lbs would be a more appropriate goal for me? something under 200 lbs, definitely, but not so low that i look like someone you want to tie to a chair & force feed a cheeseburger!

i won't go & change my ticker thingie just yet. i want to mull this over & think about it for a few days. i'm leaning towards changing my goal slightly, but i'm going to give myself until next wednesday, my next wednesday weekly weigh in, to see how this idea sits with me. & please feel free to weigh in on the subject. cheers!


Josh said...

I definitely think you should shoot for something that is reasonable, and is going to be a weight you are both healthy and happy with. Shooting for your perfect weight is tough. I think you will always have the opportunity later on to readjust your goals once you get more where you want to be. Keep with it!

PensivePearl said...

I'm not sure how tall you are...but my BMI says I should be 150lbs... I'm 5'7". My goal is 170lbs right now because when I was 12, I was 150lbs.. and I was a total bean pole, with no curves at all.

The BMI charts never take into consideration curves or body types... I have a naturally large frame, so really 130lbs would make me look completely ridiculous. you have to take into consideration your frame and your curves when deciding on a goal weight.

Jenn said...

Well said folks. Personally, I have come to terms with the fact i'll probably never be at 140. The real goal for me is living a consistently healthy lifestyle, and I know if I can do that...I'll be at the weight i'm suppose to be at, whether it's 140 or 200.
and yes Beckah, 140 is totally worthy of being forcefed a cheeseburger, and i'm just the girl to do it.

beckah said...

miss jenn, i think you'd enjoy the force feeding of afore mentioned cheeseburger much too much