Thursday, September 07, 2006

blame it on the napkin

talk about subtle advertising! i'm sitting at my desk in my cube on the fifth floor with my glorious view of the sun setting & carlson towers when i realize i'm hungry. i'm dang hungry. i'm so hungry i could, eat my napkin! & that's when i realize i'm being affected by very well placed subliminal advertising by my favorite coffee shop, caribou.

i happen to have a small stash of their square white napkins here at my desk, little souvenirs from my last large chai tea latte, so i had one sitting next to my keyboard, a remnant of something or other, & the whole time it's been staring at me. talking to me. sub-liminaling me, or maybe even liminaling me! & the napkin is saying to me under the banner of "espresso truths," "you look hungry." & then if that weren't enough, it follows up on the bottom right, next to the gleefully leaping caribou "Why not have a cookie?"

it's a conspiracy i tell ya, my napkin is trying to make me fat! telling me to get a cookie, that i'm really hungry & my fat self oughta be chompin on something right this minute.

ok, so it's not really the napkin's fault, or my beloved caribou's, they're both just trying to be cheeky, which of course i love! but i am hungry. & the drinkable chicken & stars with a few sad little saltines are not helping. &, for the record, water does NOT effin' fill me up.

now the keebler elves are talking to me from the bottom drawer of my desk. help me, please, don't let the liminal get me!

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