Wednesday, September 06, 2006

day #1 (again)

so miss jenn & i hit the gym this morning. i was about forty-five minutes late due to difficulties in dragging myself out of bed. i still managed to get in a full hour long workout before showering & getting ready for work. but oi, right now i'm sore & tired. definitely ready for a nap!

yes, i know, enough with the whining. but ah, i have not even yet begun to whine! they'll be much of that over the next few weeks, i'm sure.

for right now though, i'm trying to be upbeat. i hurt. i'm tired. i feel like i've never exercised a day in my life & my body's ready to throw in the towel.

but my mind baby, that's much stronger than my body, so i'm convinced that somehow i can make it through this stronger than ever.

& i've got stickers, so there's no stopping me now!

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