Friday, September 15, 2006

happy happy joy joy

EEK! ok, i'm beside myself. here a beckah there a beckah everywhere a beckah beckah.

just got a call from the bridal shop & my wedding dress is in! i ordered it all the way back in april & they said it would most likely take a solid six months for it to get it. luckily it's here a whole month early! it's really great news because i'm so neurotic that i would've been panicking if i wouldn't've had it by the end of this year even though the wedding isn't until next july. the only bummer part of it is that when i ordered it my measurements were between three sizes, & being a vain person (my chinese zodiac sign IS the snake after all) i ordered the smallest of the three. so i'm nervous that it may be pretty snug right now.

the good thing in all of it is that i do still have quite a while before my wedding, a whole eight months plus some change! so i guess i'm not too worried, but definitely time to put this fanny in gear! i got a pedometer at work today. they were doing something for charity & they had pedometer's that you could get for a $5 donation. so i picked up one. it's neat, it had a clock, you put in your stride length so it accurately measures the miles walked & you can also have it play music when you're using it, & the faster you walk/run, the faster the music goes. super cool. & i also set up a diary on to help me keep track of what i'm eating. the site is nice because if you have the nutrition info on your food you can enter it in & create your custom list so that you aren't guessing at the information. i will say, the bad thing about fitday is that they don't have a lot of activity choices, so that's a bummer. but i'm using it mostly for the food diary portion.

today i'm actually working the early shift at work, 7am-3:30pm instead of my usual 11:30am-8pm, so i'll be going grocery shopping tonight with my mom & then heading over to the bridal shop to see my dress! i will try it on of course. now it's all kind of seeming real, for the first time.

now, my lovely readers, i'm sure that some of you are wondering what my dress looks like. & i would love to give you a link, or put a picture up, but i'm trying to keep it secret from my beloved. what i can tell you is it's a strapless ball gown with a sweetheart neckline with crystals, it is NOT white, ivory, or any kind of pastel. it is a bold dress to match my personality. it will also look smashing with my pale skin & my dark reddish brown hair. i will be one smokin' hot sexy vixen of a bride. jack & i will make quite a couple that day, his tux is a zoot suit. & yes, he will be wearing a fedora, the long gold chain, & two tone shoes. his groomsmen will also be wearing the zoot suits, & my girls will be in spaghetti strap black tea length dresses, the specific style as of yet to be determined.

i'm so excited & nervous & just ready to quite literally bounce off the walls of my cube. & i think that jenn may be ready to smack me. she's been in the office for about twenty minutes & already she gave me that look that tells me that i'm being way too excited about this & could i please just settle?

so, prayers, good thoughts, & all of that would be most appreciated right now as i once again try to do this wicked tough journey we call weight loss.

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