Tuesday, September 05, 2006

long awaited pics of my puddy cat

so here's cleo & toes pre-cat shaving. she's the tan one in the back all fluffy & conceited. toes is my short haired baby in the front. this is the one of the few pics of them actually sitting near each other. usually cleo is taking cheap shots at toes or stealing her tuna.

& here is cleo post shaving. *sighs* my cat is still freakin me out! she skulks around & jumps out of places & i think she's a freakin' sewer rat on steroids or some shit. i know it's hard to tell from the pics, but when she had fur she looked like she had a small head & a huge fluffy body. now she has this giganto head & a super skinny body, complete with leg warmers. my cat is a "footloose" extra reject!

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Jessica said...

LMAO Beck that's awesome!!!!