Tuesday, September 05, 2006

oh baby, you're so tight!

ok all, get your collective minds out of the gutters. *giggles* we're talking about my calf muscles, specifically the left one. for some reason for about a week or so the muscles on both my calves have been really tight. i have limited flexibility in my ankle & it kinda feels like all sorts of little pins are poking at the backs of my left calf. probably not a good thing, huh?

i'm thinking it's stress related. that it wasn't good enough for stress to cause me daily headaches & crippling back pain so that the only thing i can do is whimper, hunched over like i'm bucking to be the next quasimodo. so the evil little stress molecules have invaded other tissue in my body, & my poor calves were unprepared & easy targets for the stress buggers to burrow their way deeply into the muscles causing shooting pains & morning wake-up charlie horses.

now i'll be the first to admit that i haven't been really great lately about getting in enough water, so i may be a wee bit dehydrated. i'll admit to that one right now. but i can't believe that being a little behind on my water consumption could cause such incredible pain & horrible muscle problems, but possibly.

tomorrow morning i'm supposed to be at the gym bright & early with miss jenn to finally get this fitness train back on track, but it will most likely be with lots of whining & grouching if my legs are still feeling tighter than one of madonna's corsets.

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