Thursday, September 28, 2006

please help us!

QUICK! while she's distracted! these are beckah's abs talking, & we need some serious help. right now she's staring at the wall dreaming of chocolate, so we've got a good ten minutes, maybe twenty if a call doesn't come in & bring her attention back to her computer.

so here's the deal. she's torturing us, call geneva, rally the convention. on tuesday she made us do that damn winsor pilates 20 minute dvd! which hurt like a mother, but she's been doing those off & on...more off than on, for the past year, so we expected one day of pain & we'd be home free for a few weeks to a month or more.

oh no, not the case at all! yesterday she got medieval on our abs & did a crunch video! pick your spot pilates! well, we have a spot we'd like to tell her about where she can store that dvd! it was killing us, we were all whimpering & shivering in pain & exhaustion, but figured, ok, it's a fluke.

it's not a fluke. the cruella da vile did yet another stinkin crunch dvd today, burn & firm pilates. we're starting to really hate that ellen chick that leads these events of torture. & to make it worse beckah kept mumbling "it's only 30 minutes, just half an hour." & the stinkin workout was actually forty-freakin-five minutes. she's a sadist, we're telling you, she's sick.

someone please rescue us. we're happy under our layer of warm, jiggly fat. we don't wanna lose our comfy home. please wave a candy bar in front of her, give her some tv series on dvd or something, anything to keep her away from the pilates dvds & the evil evil torture that comes from them!

eek, she's coming around! help us any-one, you're our only hope!


Diary of an irish woman said...

good for you to do the pilates :-) We were supposed to go yesterday to our class (himself joined as well) but missed it with a wedding we had to go.

Josh said...

LOL! I love it!

PensivePearl said...

*lol* this was a great entry.

I love pilates, I made up my own routine based on a goofy interview I saw Regis Philman doing. haha.

(cover your abs' ears for this one)
In my psychology class, we were talking about different kinds of classical conditioning to change compulsive behaviors (like over-eating). The professor told us a really funny story about an experiment she participated in with "chocoholics". They had these people locked in a room with plates full of chunky chocolate bars like "Baby Ruths" ... and then they infiltrated the room with the smell of dog poo. The experiment worked on like 90% of the people, including my professor who lost about 60 lbs after she broke her addiction to sweets. She still can't look at certain candy bars the same way.