Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the stairway to heaven

i mentally stated this blog early early morning on monday, september 11th. the only reason i didn't physically start the blog is because it was already 4am & i had to be awake & ready for a long day full of sitting in a hospital waiting room & going to a wake for a cousin i never met by 9am at the absolute latest.

this past sunday, september 10th, i was scheduled to have my sleep study to see if i do indeed have sleep apnea. now, talking about the cosmos not wanting to have something happen. i got a call from rachel at the sleep center while waiting for josh at applebee's. she said a staff person called in, they couldn't find a replacement, & since i was on his patient list they'd have to reschedule my appointment. now i was supposed to originally have this done back in july, so i wasn't too happy about this, but i also believe strongly in the "don't shoot the messenger" motto. so i told rachel that i understood but that i was really bummed & i had to take work off & everything. so she told me sometimes people don't show up, & if that happened she'd call me back & get me in right away.

at 8:32pm, two minutes after the arrival deadline, she gave me a call & said that she was going to call me with great news because two people didn't show up, however, they had another staff call in sick, so that unfortunately she would have to reschedule my appointment after all, D'OH! so my sleep study is pushed back another two weeks to sunday september 24 & i had to put in for another day off of work. blech. but, here's hoping that in two weeks i'll have an answer to my exhaustion issues. but seriously, how is that for something in the universe not wanting me to have my sleep study done that night?

since i was no longer required to resemble a science experiment for the evening i wound up going out with josh & jack for a late night movie. we saw the devil wears prada. awesome movie. first off, it is not a chick flick, at all. mini-sidenote: just because the main character is female does not a chick flick make. this movie was funny, sweet, insightful, & all in all a great pre-surgery movie to see.

now that it's all basically said & done i can say that i was very nervous for josh concerning his surgery. i'm so happy for him that he made this decision that will change his life in a really positive way, but i was also so scared that something would happen. i tend to be that person, the one that over worries about everything so that no one else really needs to worry about anything. i did feel better getting to go hang with him at a movie for a couple of hours the night before the surgery.

josh & jack & i were hanging out in the theater parking lot just talking for a while after the movie was over & led zepplin's stairway to heaven came on the radio. if you've never heard that song i need you to stop reading immediately, go to your local music store & buy led zepplin iv & listen carefully to the whole cd. now. run. there is no waiting. there is no down loading. josh took it as a great sign that things would go fabulously with his surgery, that this was his turning point in his life & that it would all be ok. he then paused & said, "hope it's not an omen that it won't be literally a stairway to heaven." lots of pre-op humor abounded this past weekend.

what's it all mean? that, i don't know. i do know that on my way home monday morning i heard the tim mcgraw song live like you were dyin' which made me think, & cry, of course, 'cause i cry a bit lately. i really wish i had more energy so that i could do more of the things that i want to do, that i love to do. well, i also wish i would win the powerball so that i had the money to do all the things that i really want to do.

all that aside, josh went through surgery very well, his sense of humor is still in tact & he's in a great mood. so kudos & grats on your new life dude!

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