Saturday, September 16, 2006

yeah, so that didn't last long

i'll write more later. but i'm so upset right now. i tried on my dress last night, & i was so excited & hopeful & my mom just sat there looking at me with this scowl on my face like i was the most worthless piece of trash on planet earth. the entire time we were there she didn't smile once. not once did she say "oh, honey, you look beautiful. you look just like a princess." all she came up with was, "yeah, it's different. i guess bold is a good word to describe it."

last year she gushed when i tried on white wedding gowns.

this one, the gown of MY dreams, she shunned.

i cried myself to sleep last night.

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Diary of an irish woman said...

keep saying this mantra.. Your day, your way...

Got me through it - we had a pub quiz, rubik cube cake and walked out to star wars theme :-) your day, your way. Remember ERossevelt - only we can give permission to others to make us feel bad and in Lemonades words - feck them ! I saw a pic of your dress and LOVED it !