Friday, October 06, 2006

just call me a peach, er, rather, how about a plum?

i'm so wicked tired. blech. i stayed up until 2am dying my hair plum pucker. now it's not as scary as it sounds, it actually looks more like a deep brown with purplish undertones. it's this funky new stuff from clairol called, herbal essences color lift mousse. basically it's a small can of mousse with the hair dye all mixed in, you put the entire can on your head, leave it there for a goodly bit, and then rinse it out & voila, a color for you to try for 8-10 shampoos to see how you like it. & of course they tell you how to get that color for longer if you really super duper like it.

tonight i'll have to have josh or jenn or jack take a pic of me in all of my royal purpleness, cause believe it or not folks, it actually looks quite good on me. i've insisted for a while that i would look so much better with reddish hair instead of the boring brown that was given to me at birth. so since i was about 16 i've been dying my hair on occasion to get a different version of me with my new do.

so early early this morning while i was going this i wet my hair, then towel dried it, & started releasing the mousse from it's impossibly tiny little can, mixing it into my damp strands bit by bit. & i looked at myself in the mirror, looked at this little can that couldn't've been much more than 3 inches tall, & said "yeah right, hopefully i won't wind up looking like a deranged purple zebra in the morning." but i kept on. squirting & spreading, squirting & spreading. & then all of a sudden my hair was literally saturated with the purple mousse & it just kept coming out of the can. i swear, it was like an everlasting gobstopper, it just wouldn't stop. at one point i thought about stopping with the can, when my hair was so gunked up with mousse that i had all of it standing straight up in the air, artfully covered with purple foam, but i'm also cheap enough that i couldn't just throw any of it away, so i moussed until i could mousse no more.

my hair isn't as purpley as you would imagine, or even as much as i might've liked, but it is an attractive color on me. deepening my natural color, making it darker & giving it more depth & richness. you can kinda sorta tell that there's a hint of purple, or at least reddish, to my tresses.

while i did like the concept of the mousse, no mixing or the sort, it was almost as expensive as my regular hair color & it only stays about on third of the time, which is rather sucky if you ask me. & my normal color has more dimension to it, so i think i'll start canvassing the stores now to locate my natural instincts egyptian plum. & at the targets that don't carry it i'll request that they start carrying it. never hurts to ask, right? worst thing they can do it say no, which really isn't all that bad if you think about it.

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