Thursday, October 19, 2006

the value of persistence

normally i'm a pretty laid back, believing it'll all work out in the end kinda gal. but i've had this odd niggling lately concerning my student loans for this semester at hamline. i've been religiously checking my account on piperline, daily or multi-daily. i even called last week & was reassured that these things take time & not to worry, i dropped off my forms so all will be okie-dokie. have a cookie.

but the annoying niggling wouldn't go away. so i called them this morning on my first break at work. still no word, but at least i got transferred to someone's voicemail. i left my message with all my info, my phone number, & went back to work. & still, niggle niggle niggle, at the back of my brain.

when my lunch break rolled around at 3:45pm (YES, my lunch break is at quarter to four in the afternoon, but that's another whole blog) i decided instead of my usual walk in the gym that i would give them another call. just in case they learned anything. & it's a good thing i did. this time i got transferred again, but the lovely lisa answered instead of me getting her voicemail, she took a look at things, asked a couple questions, & said she wasn't sure why my money wasn't there. a bit more digging & whoops, i don't have a guarantee statement on my file. which i know i filled out 'cause you only have to do it once & then as long as you don't change lenders you're g2g*. & since i've been going to hamline since last century & borrowing from my same bank the whole time, i knew it was there. lisa took my number down, made a call, then called me back in about 4 1/2 minutes to let me know my form wasn't matching with my file, but it's all fixed, my money should be there tomorrow. all should now, really, be okie-dokie. have a cookie.

& there's why it's good to be a bit of a bulldog. sometimes it ticks people off, but if i wouldn't have kept calling it would be the end of october, i'd be getting another bill from hamline for my class this month & i wouldn't get my loan money until november, if i was lucky. i also feel like i really got something accomplished today, there was a problem, i got it identified & solved. 'cause i'm a woman, w-o-m-a-n. oh yeah.

*g2g= good to go

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Josh said...

Good deal! you are so right about having to be persistant if you want to get things done!