Wednesday, November 22, 2006

being thankful

as 2006 winds down in the frenzy of the holiday season, i'm trying to approach the end of the year with a positive attitude & optimistic outlook on life. since thanksgiving typically starts the beginning of the holiday season, now is a perfect time to work on my new attitude. & since thanksgiving, historically, is a time to count your blessings & say what you're thankful for, that's how i'll start my end of the year.

things that i'm thankful for:

~my family who supports me no matter how much i annoy them
~my friends who always stand by me, even when i'm not the most likeable person
~my dog walker who makes me feel like the most important person on earth
~my cat cleo who keeps me humble
~my cat toes who reminds me that there are normal animals out there
~that i'm able to wake up every morning in a free country
~that i'm able to move on my own accord
~that i'm a strong person who's able to help support those around me
~that i have two jobs that i enjoy
~that i have a college education
~being able to follow my dreams

so it's a little bit touchy feely, a wee tad emo, but i really am thankful for all the blessings in my life. it's so easy at that time between thanksgiving & christmas to become so self absorbed in getting to all that places you just have to be, getting the right gift for each person, getting things wrapped & shipped & baked. it's hectic & crazy. & here in minnesota it's generally cold as a mofo outside so you just want to stay in & eat lots of comforting fatty foods & drink lots of hot chocolate heavily laced with baileys. which makes it hard to be thankful or greatful or joyous about anything.

& at this exact moment, the thing i'm most thankful for is that jenn has made me her pity project & keeps me on track by dragging my butt to the Y & giving me that, "oh, you dirty whore" look when i eat chocolate. & the competition does help, because i just realized we're competing for enough money to buy one of us a new ipod. that'd be a sweet sweet christmas present to myself.

maybe tomorrow i'll just have a salad.


Josh said...

I'm thankful for kick ass mini-trip's to Iowa for Ribs with good friends! :)

PensivePearl said...

Thanks for this thanksgiving post. hehe, I'm going to copy you!