Friday, November 03, 2006

weekly weigh in #16

yippe, good news to report, finally! i feel like i've been a broken record, losing & gaining the same damn three to five pounds week after week. i feel like i've made some serious progress now. & i am totally willing to give credit where credit is due, & if it weren't for miss jenn i wouldn't be down in the 260's right now. & i'm really grateful & indebted to her. there were days over the past two weeks where i have come very close to actually hating her when i was dragging my tired bummed out self to the Y after getting off work at 8pm. so much thanks miss jenn for being my inspiration & motivation when i needed it.

but this also proves that working really hard can pay off. i'm still leary about having too much hope, but i'm so happy to be in the middle 260's, i was hoping to be at 263 by thanksgiving, but now i'm hoping that maybe with lots of hard work & self control i can be dipping my toes into the 250's, & a new pair of jeans at torrid!

& aren't my newest tickers so cute? with the ticking & the moving & the OH PROGRESS! : )

original weight: 323 lbs
last week's weight: 271 lbs
this week's weight: 265.75

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PensivePearl said...

wow... good job!