Thursday, November 30, 2006

weekly weigh in #20

so weighing in a day early, does that mean i theoretically could weigh less if i did my weigh in tomorrow on my normal day? can a person lose ten pounds overnight without the loss of a limb or liposuction? probably not. but it's nice to hope that i'd have a better number if i had just 24 more hours to work my butt to the bone. owie, now that sounds painful!

in all seriousness though, i do need to start taking the competition with jenn more serious, not just because of the money thing, but because it's kinda my last chance to do this on my own. & i want to give it my all.

one thing that i know that i could be doing, but haven't been doing at all lately, is my pilates videos. in the past when i started doing them not only did i lose inches & tone up pretty fast, but i also lost lots of weight. i have no clue what it is about pilates, but it is really great for anyone looking to get fit quick. when you're doing it the workouts seem easy, but then you wait a day & you're beggin for mommy & some advil & really feeling it! but it's a good feeling. & i miss that.

so, here's the stats, better than some weeks, & halfway down to the 250's, but still, kinda a bummer since i was at this point a couple of weeks ago! but still, four pounds lost is four pounds lost.

original weight: 323 lbs
last week's weight: 269 lbs
this week's weight: 265 lbs

& i found the tubby catepillar ticker, so i have to use it since this is going slow, & i'm tubby, & it's pink. & of course measure progress with a star, cause' i'm a super star! hehehehe.

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Josh said...

I wonder if the Tubby catepillar is self concious of his weight problem ... or the fact that he is pink... I bet all the kids in catepillar school made fun of him a lot.. after all, not many pink catepillar's out there..

... Do you think he'll have to custom order his cocoon? You should really create a tubby catepillar FAQ .. hehehe...