Thursday, December 21, 2006

good bye, travel well, mnboy

a friend of mine has an "activity partner" that has been nicknamed "minnesota boy," shortened to mnboy for the purpose of text messages. i have yet to meet the infamous mnboy, he seems to dodge every chance to make my fabulous acquaintance, but it still seems like the polite thing to wish him a fond farewell.

he's decided that minnesota is played out, has nothing to offer him, (though, personally, i would beg to differ). so he's packing his jeep & heading off, to the south, to the west, i guess where ever the feeling moves him. georgia has been mentioned, so has the fabulous bay area. & though i've never met the boy, up close & personal, i do wish him the best.

it's been said that he's a blog fan of mine, so why not wish him well on his future travels, & at the same time, make him blog famous? he already is semi-blog famous, anyone remember the august post let's hear it for the boy? mnboy was the misfortune's mike in the story, who stacked shit from his garage on top of his car to fall into his apartment with his junk hanging out? yeah, i still smile a little when i pull that one from the archives.

to send mnboy into blog fame we'll resurrect mike & suzy from their aliases of august to give the most recent, & last installment, of their adventures.

on sunday i was over at suzy's place picking her up for a christmas party, & i see this rather delish boy walk out of her apartment building wearing pj bottoms & a hoodie & i mentally say "oh baby" & then a part of me thinks, "i bet that's mnboy." no reason, i just think that. then the delish boy goes over to a jeep, gets in, sits there for a hella long time, making me think that cutie wasn't the famed mnboy, just someone who lives at suzy's building, then the jeep reverses, i see the plates in my review (florida i note....which IS where mnboy's parents reside) & suz is running terribly late so i think "BUSTED! she was getting some sunday boom-boom & that's why she was late."

& i really was going to call her out on it, but she came out to my truck after i'd been sitting there for a good twenty minutes apologizing & looking all rushed & harried (& she had christmas pressies for me) so i felt bad & decided not to call her out on it.

fast forward to wednesday morning. i pull up to her apartment building & see the same jeep with florida plates in the parking lot. hmmm. & she admitted that mnboy was still there asleep in her bed. double hmmm. so she gets in my truck & i ask, ever so casually, "is that mnboy's jeep?" & she says yes & i did the whole ah-ha! thing.

which led to confusion. suzy wanted to know what in the hell i was talking about. i thought she was playing it super cool, acting like she didn't know anything about the cute boy in the pj bottoms strolling out of the building & getting into the jeep in question. & then we discovered, she wasn't being coy, playing sly, or anything. he hadn't really been warming her bed saturday night or sunday morning. she hadn't seen the boy. & from my description of the apartment cutie he sounded like i did indeed see the elusive mnboy exiting the building.

& suzy was mad.

& got madder through out the day. she kept popping up over my cube wall & asking me, what did the pajama bottoms look like? could i see the dude's arms? did he have tattoos on them? hair color? style? was i for-absolute-cross-my-heart-&-swear-to-die-super-positive that i saw that jeep? & i answered the questions until i was blue in the face. & i didn't read the plates, but i saw the jeep, saw the florida plates, & even (quite lamely & half heartedly) put forth the explanation that it could be that there are two identical jeeps with florida plates not only in minnesota but chilling at that building in minnetonka.

through out the day suzy texted mike to get his version of the story. & we, suzy & i that is, not mike & i, came to the conclusion that no boy would be dumb enough to have two booty calls in the exact same apartment building when he doesn't even live in said building. & mnboy mike maintained his innocence, & i maintained what my brown eyes saw, & suzy wound up confused but knew i wouldn't lie to her.

& suzy was just going to write the whole thing off, mnboy would be moving & no longer a mnboy, he'd be a caliboy or gaboy, but someone else's boy anyway. until we pulled up to her building after work. & what do we see parked right across from the front door, almost in a mocking way, if cars could mock. yup, the jeep with florida plate. & suzy looked at it & asked if it had tinted windows, which it did.

what happened next was both hilarious in the moment, & after, & slightly terrifying at the same time. suzy flung open the door of my truck, nearly fell out of it, actually. grabbed her gym bag & keys, as she was trying to shove my crap back into the truck. she yelled that she'd call me later as she slammed the door & ran into her building. first off gang, i have never seen suzy run, i was in straight up shock over that one. & then i thought she just may kill him. & then we'd have a dead mnboy to deal with. which can be fine in the summer, but it's winter, the ground is frozen & i didn't have a hole prepared anywhere.

so i sent her a text:

don't kill him! you're too pretty for prison!

she didn't kill him. mnboy told our little suzy that he loaned his jeep to a friend to get a christmas tree & that he had his friend's car. & my description sort of fit him, & other cute boys with dark hair, hoodies, & green plaid flannel pj bottoms. but he still claims it was the other cute guy with the jeep with florida plates (is anyone thinking this sounds like the fugitive....i swear it was the one armed man!) at the apartment building sunday evening. & considering the other jeep with florida plates is still in the parking lot, still covered in melting snow, & supposedly mnboy is at his own apartment.

& from all of us here at beckah's blog, meaning just my bad self, we say "bon voyage, mnboy. so long, & thanks for all the fish."

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"...which can be fine in the summer, but it's winter, the ground is frozen & i didn't have a hole prepared anywhere."

That rules!