Saturday, December 30, 2006

my list: 101 things in 1001 days

1 learn to play the guitar
2 re-learn french
3 finish my novel
4 finish my poetry book
5 graduate with my mfa
6 see disney world
7 go to ireland
8 get my third tattoo
9 pierce my belly button
10 pierce my upper ears
11 bungee jump
12 sky dive
13 snow board
14 weigh less than 200lbs
15 learn to drive a stick
16 fly first class
17 get out of credit card debt
18 buy a house
19 visit seattle
20 become a sophmore burner
21 learn to swim
22 get my passport
23 become an expert at reading tarot
24 complete the breast cancer 3 day
25 visit vermont (completed 12/30-31/06)
26 go to canada(completed 12/31/06-1/1/07)

27 go roller blading again
28 visit & return from mexico
29 write a song
30 see the salt flats in utah
31 have a spa weekend
32 finish my bartending classes
33 make a quilt entirely by hand
34 celebrate mardi gras in new orleans
35 go skiing
36 go to italy
37 make my own candles
38 take swing dancing lessons
39 go scuba diving
40 get my 4th tattoo
41 get my 5th tattoo
42 go to the garlic festival in gilroy, ca
43 enter the pillsbury bake-off
45 make my own spaghetti sauce from scratch
46 spend a week in alaska
47 complete NaNoWriMo (@ least 50k words)
48 pull taffy
49 spend a year being selfish
50 learn another lanaguage (other than french)
51 do a past life regression
52 have at least one end game character on WoW (completed 1/14/07)
53 practice palmistry
54 play in the ocean
55 see new york city (not by plane)
56 go the grand canyon
57 tour hoover damn
58 invent a cocktail
59 try a REAL martini (not-a-freakin-fru-fru-it-ends-in-tini-so-it's-a-martini)
60 find my spirituality
61 become ambedextrus
62 run for more than a minute
63 become lost
64 find myself
65 finish my james dean collage
66 read "the inferno"
67 write a fan letter to stephen king
68 write a thank you letter to stephen thayor
69 send my mom flowers for no reason (completed 02/27/2007)
70 take my dad to a movie for no reason
71 surprise my grandma with lunch/dinner
72 get up to enjoy the sunrise
73 watch the sunset
74 get to at least 30 states on my list
75 go to hawaii
76 make home made chili
77 rollar blade around lake phalen
78 win a game of cribbage against jenn-jenn
79 drive to california
80 dance on myrtle beach
81 make my parents proud of me
82 forgive grandma ginger
83 talk to my dad about vietnam
84 go to the top of the empire state building
85 have my dad teach me glass etching
86 make kuchen with my mom
87 have matt teach me how to change the oil in a car
88 help matt restore my dad's mustang
89 save $5,000 & keep it in the bank
90 write my dad's story
91 learn to lucid dream
92 create a garlic recipe to enter in the gilroy festival
93 take a photography class
94 become a pool shark (ok, reasonably good at pool will suffice)
95make a new year's resolution that i stick with for one whole year
96 go to a wild game with my dad
97 see a cirque de solel performance
98 interview grandpa caruso for a west 7th street book
99 do 10 real push-ups without dying
100 let myself write at least 30 minutes a day
101 finish this entire list in 1001 days

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PensivePearl said...

those are really cool Beckah. I think I'll steal several of them... mmm k? good luck and take care!