Tuesday, December 19, 2006


i didn't do as well during NaNoWriMo as i would've hoped. i made it to about 8,000 words, i know it wasn't into the 9s, but somewhere in the 8s. about 16% completion is what i reached, not spectacular at all. so i decided i'll do it again, in january, & i'll hold myself accountable online. yes, the ticker does say exercise, but they didn't really have any other ones that would work for this.

currently i'm in the process of changing the spare room in the basement from jack's room back to an office for myself. yeah, the room is kind of dark & does have the horrid brady-style paneling on the walls. but it has a door & it's all mine, so it's a pretty good start.

i'm still trying to finish my novel for my thesis. wish me luck gang, the official countdown begins on january first, but i'm taking the last 12 days of december as my gearing up & getting ready time.

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