Monday, January 29, 2007

a bumpy 3rd week

& up half a pound *whines* ok, not as bad as two or three pounds, & i did say last week that i expected my numbers for this week to be kinda blech because of all the over indulgence on sweets & the lack, or rather, lack luster, gym performance. so it's not like this is a surprise, but still kind of disappointed in the numbers.

BUT, looking on the bright side of things. i'm still firmly in the 260's, & while it was a gain, it could've been so much worse, just means that i need to work that much harder at this whole freakin thing. right? & some how, 2007 seems to be treating me better than 2006 did in this whole venture.

i just looked back over my blog, & when i first started posting a ticker back in july my weight was at 272, so that's down from july. which is good. gotta just keep keepin' at it!

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