Saturday, January 27, 2007

the very last stop

one thing that they want to make sure of, at least at HCMC, is that before you make that drastic move of getting gastric bypass that you have really truly honest injin tried every single thing that you could in order to lose weight on your own. & i've been there. i did slim fast, metabo life, richard simmons, just about every program you can think of for weight loss. i've done meal replacements, i've done drastic changes to my diet, diet pills, working with a nutritionist, doctor supervised monthy monitoring...i mean EVERYTHING. & still, here i am weighing in at 260-something & while i have come down from my overall highest weight of 323, so that's about 50-ish pounds gone for good, it isn't enough for me.

my surgeon consult is set for friday february 9th, at 8am. so just under two weeks & i'll be sitting down to meet with the surgeon, he'll write a letter to my insurance company telling them that i'm the perfect candidate for surgery cause i've tried all the afore mentioned methods & i'm still a fat pig. ok, he'll be more professional than that in his letter, but that'll be the general tone of the letter.

& that brings me to what jenn & i just did today. no, nothing remotely thelma & louise-ish, & for you dirty boys in the crowd, nothing girl gone wild, or even just girls on too much schnapps-ish. we went to the Y & signed up for a personal trainer.


yeah. about that. we were just going to do their free program called fit start, which would've been great for us a year ago when i was able to do a whole minute on the elliptical before falling off & declaring that i would indeed die a painful death from my lungs bursting. the fit start is basically a twelve week program that gives people a wee bit of guidance while they find their way off the couch & onto a treadmill. luckily, i'm beyond that point. not where i would like to be, by any means, but still better off than i was a year ago.

so riley went over fit start with us, & jenn & i both quickly came to the realization that it was too basic for our current needs. so we decided to take the plunge & go for personal training. for group training it's $35/person/session. EEK! but the sessions are an hour long, & since we have similar goals it should work out well. so we're starting with two sessions a week, which means we'll be shelling out $70 a week to go into the Y & have a beautiful boy spend time with us. YUM. oh wait, i mean we'll be spending $70 a week to get focused weight training to increase fitness & health. yeah, that's it.

it's a lot of cash, admittedly, but if i really am going to admit defeat & say that yup, i need to go for the surgery, then i need to be abso-positively-fuckin-lutely sure that there is not anything more that i possibly could've done on my own to change things. & while if i stick to the on my own way, it will take longer, i think that i may get more satisfaction out of it.

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Suburban Witch said...

You can do it! :) Even if you end up having to do it with surgery, you'll still know that you gave it your all. *hugs*