Monday, January 22, 2007

week 2 & doing ok

so ticker requires a password now to update it's tickers & i had lost my last one :( so i had to redo it. the only upside is that now i can see the difference in the tickers between last week & this week. which is the only obnoxious thing about the new ticker coding, it over rides from the previous week. *shrugs* whatever. at least i was able to get a ticker, format it to look the way i want, & get it updated on my site.

i am happy that i'm finally losing weight. ok, so it took the eminent threat of surgery & the remote possibility of death to make any of the fat mosey it's way on down the road. & at this point in time i'm being mildly optimistic because of the fact that, as you all can see from the ticker below, i have quite a ways to go yet before i reach even my tier 1 goal, which i'm not going to stop at, especially if i keep shrinking! :) at 5'4" i'm still going to look like a pretty big porker at 176. then again, the last time i knowingly weighed anywhere near that i was in 8th grade & weighed 180lbs, so i have no clue in actuality.

on the upside, once i lose another 15.7 lbs, or get down to 249.5, my star will be halfway to my catepiller's head. yippee! my bmi will also be down to 42.8, which is quite a drop from the starting bmi of 55.4.

so, cautiously optimistic is how i'm going to proceed.

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Diary of an irish woman said...

falling down is not a sin, lying there is... Something my Mum says. So dont give up and realize you'll have difficuly days but sure take it day by day and look at the big picture. Happy healthier you. Sending you lots of love from Cali...