Wednesday, February 28, 2007

built for speed, hands curves well

no, not a car ad, although, i would like to note, it does very much describe my zippy little ion. & my summer blue baby did inspire this blog title, but i'm actually talking about myself.

ok, so right now i'm not necessarily a very fast moving person, but that may, indeed, come with time. but i am good at flitting from topic to topic at lightening speed, handling several things at once, & multitasking like a mofo. so at least my mind is built for speed.

& seeing as how i've lived with curves my whole life, i'm pretty good at handling them. both the physical curves of my body & the curve balls thrown at me by the universe.

i'm in heaven, week seven!

i can't explain it, but somehow, this most recent dip in my weight, seems significant to me. maybe it's because i'm fairly damn sure that the last time i saw the 250's was in 2005. possibly early 2006, but i'm kind of doubting that it was that recent. it seems like i've been stuck bouncing between the 260's & 270's, with an occasionally toe stepping into the 280's for this past year. very demoralizing, i will say. & ok, my bmi is still pretty high, & i'm still a good hundred pounds over my "ideal weight" but i'm making some progress. just another 9-ish pounds & my star will be halfway to my caterpillar's head. but i'm not thinking that far ahead. i finally found something that works, & i need to just keep going, trying, & i'll make it. already i'm feeling like a stronger person. not only physically, but emotionally & spiritually as well.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

the 3 things every girl must carry

(cause you just never know when you may have to mail a ransom post card)

(cause you just never know when you may need to light something on fire)

(cause you just never know when you'll be caught in the middle of a water balloon fight)

start the prayer chain now, pretty please?

so i am now, pretty near, officially certifiable crazy.

next week miss jenn will be out of town on thursday for a family shin-ding back on the east coast, which means she'll be missing our thursday training session with riley. & instead of just training on my own, i decided, "i have a bit of extra cash, why not treat myself & do a training session on thursday?"

now, the great thing about the GROUP personal training, besides the lower cost for an hour session, is that riley has to divide his time & attention between me & jenn. a week from today, from 9am-10am he will have his attention focused just on me. oh holy hell. even as i sit here, my legs smarting from the squats from this morning, i'm wondering what i got myself into.

& next week we're switching leg & arm days. so i'll be spending AN HOUR doing upper body with riley. with no jenn. no one else. oy. double oy.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

thank god for halls & their mentholyptic goodness

OY. & a double OY!

i am sick. & i have being sick. i get all whiny & turn into a five year old. wanting nothing more than my mommy, some chicken noodle soup, a pb&j sandwich, my teddy bear, & my warm fuzzy blanket.

& so i sit, at work. sans mommy, soup,sandwich, bear, & blankie. it blows. hardcore. but i have 7up. & i have halls. not at all the same. in any world. but it's something. a few minutes ago i wasn't even able to breath. but thanks to halls & their advanced vapor action, i am now able to breath much easier. even though i feel like crap. warmed over. still.

i know that no one LOVES being sick, unless they're a hypochondriac, because then, they think they're sick even if they're really ok. which is a completely different story. all together.

but this really sucks. about half the call center is sick. the other half is just getting over being sick, or just now getting sick. i swear, this whole place is like one big petri dish growing lots of different scary bugs. & i'm neurotic about hand washing & everything else. & some how a germ made its way into my immune system & created a nice little nest in which to settle for a while. damn him!

the worst part of it is, that i'm not really sick enough to stay home. but i'm sick enough that i don't want to be at work & i don't feel like i'm at the top of my game at work either. blech.

i'll check in tomorrow with less whining & more sunshine.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

fish net philosophy

i have this theory, that a girl can get a boy to do just about anything, if she's wearing fishnets.

& this isn't just based on anecdotal evidence from sitcoms, but from true life experiences that i have personally had involving fishnets & boys.

it's really all about the stockings, & the shoes. guys will tell you, it's about the amount of cleavage, mid-drift, or leg that you see. but it really is about the way a girl presents herself.

& you ALL know what fish nets present: a woman who's comfortable with her sexuality & not afraid to let it show, a little.

which, in a round about way, brings me to the issue of my birthday. as you all know, it'll be my 30th. a time to let my hair down, celebrate, shake my boo-tay, & party like it's 1999. i've already decided on the perfect footwear. these luscious FM(fuck me) boots from doc martin, topped off, OF COURSE, by some fishnets. i'm thinking a mini skirt with those. & haven't settled on a top yet, but probably sleeveless with a low back, to show off my, at that time, three tattoos. yes people, when beckah rocks cali she does it right *winks*

besides, as the birthday girl i should automatically have the boys begging to do my bidding, but some apropos footwear doesn't hurt.

six weeks in

so, half through the competition, which is, in a way, inconsequential at this point. if i win, yippee, i'd love the money, if i don't, well....i'm hoping that at the end i'll be able to say that i did absolutely everything that i possibly could. that i really honestly gave the competition my whole heart effort.

right now i'm sixteen weeks out from my birthday, so about four months-ish. & not like it's all about numbers or anything, but i did have a particular one in mind that i would LIKE to see before my birthday, & i'd have to lose about 2.6 lbs a week to get there. BUT, not gonna let it get me down. i'll keep trying. & if i can't get to the number goal, at least i'll look uber sexy in my FM boots, fishnets, & mini skirt. rar.

Monday, February 19, 2007

do you ever google (yourself)?

& so, just because i wanted to do it, cause i'm curious what is out there about me on the web, i googled myself. yeah, i know, a dodgy business that, the self google, but i took the chance anyway & came back with a rather interesting result.

my name was mentioned, in a yahoo chat forum, in response to the question: "My Girlfriend Needs Help With Her Period?" the whole question read: "She gets REALLY annoying and grumpy, and she can't seem to put it AT the end of to sentence. What do I do?" now, i have to give kudos to the writer of the question, because it is very tongue in cheek, if you actually read the whole question. because it's totally about grammar & the majority of the answers said something along the lines of "quit being a dumb boy, buy her some pamprin & be nice."

how HOW does miss beckah fit into all of this you ask. well, i do have an answer to that. the way i fit in is that there was actually someone that read the question & answered it intelligently & actually relating to the writing mechanics issue, & THAT is where my fabulous self comes in. the answer given says:

Not to worry, that's normal. Many people suffer from irregular periods. Others seem to avoid them altogether. Emily Dickinson, the famous poet, was known among her friends as someone who had difficulty with her periods. Other sufferers include Rebecca Cloutier ( ), Annie Dillard ( ), and many other famous women. While we typically think this is a female problem, there are many men who suffer from irregular periods too - think e.e. cummings, William Faulker, and James Joyce, to begin with.

& no, really dear readers, this is not just moi being vain. i did submit some poetry to the minnesota river valley reader. i know the fine man who is the talent behind the online journal. today i wasn't able to connect to it, but i'll contact admin & if i can get a link i will most definitely post it on the right with my other recommended readings.

which begs the question, does being randomly mentioned on a yahoo message board among other writers of fame mean that i, now by proxy, am a writer of fame? hmmm...something to mull on, most definitely.

but seriously, how freakin sweet is that to be mentioned right after emily dickenson? while at first i was unsure how to take my google results, i'm now very stoked about it & bragging to anyone who will listen. *GRINS*

so, dear readers, what interesting factoids have you found about yourself when you google?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

happy valentine's day

now have a chocolate.

just kidding :) but that was the message at work today. the building i work in has really great facilities managers who like to make sure that we know they appreciate us being their tenants. which is awesome, except, it seems that anytime they can possibly have a reason to feed out fat faces, they do so.

today, in the break room there were trays upon trays of: cookies, brownies, mini cheese cakes, chocolate dipped strawberries, brownie bites, & lots of other decedent sweet goodies. which, i'm proud to say, i avoided all together.

i even went out with jenn tonight to see the new drew barrymore/hugh grant movie "music & lyrics" & even though i was jonsing for one of those big boxes of resee's pieces, i sufficed with a watered down mocha coffee from the vending machine, but it was still all good. the coffee warmed me up, gave me a little bit of sweet, but i didn't feel massively guilty for inhaling a thousand calories of candy coated peanut butter chocolate.

Monday, February 12, 2007

holding my own in week five

so i'm down another 1.6 pounds. i know, for some people that seems like peanuts, especially when you have as much to lose as i do. & in a way, yeah, it seems like SUCH a tiny amount. but at least it's a tiny amount in the right direction. & my star is almost at the halfway point on my caterpillar, which is a pretty dang cool thing.

& i think this is the best that i've done, on the weight loss thing, since 2005, so that makes me very happy. actually, this morning for my workout i wore an old navy t-shirt that i bought back in 2005. i bought it, took it home, tried it on, the mother fucker was tight as hell, i took it off, threw a first class tantrum & stuffed it in my dresser. & now it fits, pretty well. yea me!

Friday, February 09, 2007

thank you agent orange: santa has cancer

the twin cities are more like fraternal twins than identical. for anyone who was born & raised here, or even, has lived here for a while. they know it. & they pick a city. aligning themselves on the west or the east side of the river. there's very few people who are able to stay neutral in this debate. you love st. paul or minneapolis, but nearly never ever, both.

minneapolis is the glam twin. with the hopping night life, breath taking sky line, posh clubs, restaurants, & extravagant hotels. it's the twin with the pizazz, the glitter, & the glitz. much more cosmopolitan than it's sister to the east. st. paul is a city of neighborhoods. we do have the science museum, the minnesota historical society, the state capital building. none of which, except possibly the science museum, can claim to be sexy in anyway. but it's ok, because we're a city of neighborhoods. you move to minneapolis to be anonymous, you move to st. paul to get to know your neighbors & become part of something larger than the four walls of your home.

one of the largest neighborhoods in st. paul is the east side. it sprawls all the way from the mounds park bluffs up to oakdale & over to maplewood. most of the people who live on the east side, especially my area of the east side, have been there for years & years. they grew up there as kids, their families are near by, & it's their home. they come from blue collar, working class families. where you go to work every day, put in your eight or ten hours of honest work & come home to your family, maybe stopping for a beer along the way. it's people who may not drive the newest cars or own the newest high definition tv on the market. but we have high speed internet. & cable. & we have our community.

& community is one of our most valued possessions. we may not sit naked around a bonfire every friday night singing kumbya, but we're aware of what's going on, & we care about the people living their lives parallel to ours. one of the landmarks of the east side, is our family owned businesses. it's not all chain stores & a mc-life. our neighborhoods have personality & individuality.

today i saw something that made me see my little corner of the world in a different way. while getting our weekly cheese & meat from the butcher i was looking at the fliers they had hanging up & one caught my eye. it was for a benefit dinner for a man who was just diagnosed with cancer, the suspected culprit: agent orange. his wife has struggled with MS for several years, so a benefit dinner was being hosted for them to help with the medical costs & other bills that were accumulating. & staring at the fuzzy black & white picture, i recognized the guy, at least, i think i did. i think i do.

at little oven, which is just across the street from big steer, there's a man that often comes in to eat alone. he has white hair & a big bushy white beard, just like the guy in the picture, just like santa claus. at christmas this gentleman even dresses up as santa, red suit & all, to hand out candy canes to kids. he's always smiling & always cheerful, no matter what the weather is like outside. now, it's very possible that the gentleman i know from little oven is different from the one i saw in the picture at big steer. it's possible.

but even if they are different men. the one smiling from the pixelated gray & white photo still looks like santa. & he still has cancer as a result of serving in vietnam for the american military. & there's something about that situation that makes my day just a little more gray.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

have you ever been in a fat girl? would you like to be?

it's official. jenn & i shouldn't go anywhere together. we're like a walking comedy show. last night we went to the gym, which i totally didn't want to go, but did anyway so that i can get my credit for my at-least-eight-times-per-month for my membership discount. & yeah, i know i'm in this competition, trying to avoid the slicey-dicey & all that jazz. but i was throwing a major three year old tantrum complete with floor kicking. & cramps. & then when we were there jenn told me that we were going to spend an hour on the ellipticals.

jesus bobby! & yesterday my abs & upper body were screaming from the torture of my tuesday workout. so i was one hurting unit, to quote my father. but i hung up my coat & slunk into the gym anyway & hopped myself onto my favorite elliptical to do some interval training. i think i mentioned this before, but riley has jenn & i doing interval cardio, so for two minutes we'll go along easy as pie & then push as hard & fast as we can for two minutes, then back to the pie. ((mmmm....pie....)) which, this whole thing is a lot harder than it sounds. i challenge you to do 30minutes on a treadmill, elliptical, or exercise bike however you normally would. then the next day, go back & do the interval. it will ki-ck your ass, in a good way.

i had my time set for an hour because, well jesus bobby, miss jenn said we were doing an hour, & it's just not acceptable to sit in the middle of the Y & read the subtitles on medium without actually doing any kind of sweating or exertion. & for some reason the interval training was just killing me yesterday. my lungs were on fire. i could feel that my face was hot, most likely fire engine red, & i was literally dripping sweat. i kept wiping my face with my scratchy Y towel. at about twenty minutes in, i reached up to wipe my forehead again, this time without said towel, & something didn't feel quite right. & that's when i realized i never took off my winter hat. over my bandana i was wearing my cute turquoise stocking cap with the white snowflake embroidered on it.

& i'm not entirely sure, but pretty close to sure, that i made a very weird face when i made this realization because jenn happened to look at me just as i realized i'd been killing myself on the elliptical for almost 20 minutes & i wouldn't've been so freakin hot if i would've taken off my hat. nice, eh? & jenn started laughing uncontrollably from whatever the odd expression it was on my face when i realized i'd been working out with a hat on for twenty minutes, she actually had to take a personal moment, pause & collect her thoughts to keep her from falling off the elliptical. oy, that's all i need is to be responsible for her untimely death at the Y due to a fall from cardio equipment.

we each only lasted 30 minutes of interval training on the elliptical, so then we decided we wanted to get in a full hour. i decided to do the exercise bike because, well, i got to sit on my ass, where as the treadmill would have meant doing interval training i would have to do something far too close to running for my personal comfort. eventually my bad self will run because, well, it's on my list of 1001 things, but wednesday was not the day.

while i happily intervaled my way along on the bike listening to augustana & dividing my attention between the twins game & the cnn coverage of the "astronaut love triangle" jenn was behind me nearly dying on the cardio equipment. too bad exercise bikes don't have rear view mirrors, i may have been able to see what was going on, even though i wouldn't've been privy to her inner monologue. which, as it turns out, was pretty damn funny.

now i wasn't going to do interval training on the treadmill because of the afore mentioned running that would have to take place. jenn on the other hand, not only felt up to the challenge, but faced it head on with a heart of moxie. she told me that after her two minutes, she upped the speed & started her running, & she managed to run about 1/10 of a mile before she decreases the speed & went into her "resting" phase. & while she was doing her resting she imagined telling riley the next day how she did. & some how in the midst of her day dream she was trying to convey how difficult it can be for a fat girl to run. except. she phrased the question, to her inner imaginary riley, as: have you ever been in a fat girl? which was completely & totally innocent at the inception of the question. & then turned dirty with a quick flick of the tongue to, would you like to be?

oh stop.

all she had meant was, had he ever been a fat girl. er, had he ever been fat? er, out of shape? um, had he ever put on the gwenneth paltrow fat girl suit? in any case, it was a conversation that never wound up occurring, because, well, he just may take that the wrong way. the whole would you like to be in a fat girl, yeah, wee bit inappropriate. & we want to do some more training with him before he realizes how inappropriate we can be at times. & by then he'll love us both for the fan-ta-bulous people we are that he won't want to lose us as clients so he'll put up with, & encourage, our inappropriate behavior.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

catch & release: a movie review

on friday night, when the temperature was dipping below zero & sane people were at home, jenn & i saw the new movie catch & release starring kevin smith, jennifer garner, timothy olyphant, sam jaeger, & juliette lewis. i'm always up for seeing a romantic comedy, & since jenn is in like with kevin smith, it was a sure thing that we would have to see this movie & it would have to be in the theater.

& all i have to say is wow. i loved this movie. it was not only worth paying to see in the theater, but worth paying the evening prices. & i'd pay to see it again, at that same price, basically the highest compliment that i can give to any film. it made me laugh, cry, laugh again, cry again, & at the end i was left with a warm fuzzy feeling, but not too over the top sugary sweet.

the basic premise of the movie is that grey, played by jennifer gardner, is trying to put her life back together after the death of her fiance, grady, right before their wedding. as she sorts through the souvenirs of his life she spends time with his best friends, sam (kevin smith), fritz (timothy olyphant), & dennis (sam jaeger).

i won't say much more than that because i don't want to be the kind of person that shouts out "the chick in the crying game is a dude!" but i will say that i thoroughly enjoyed this movie. kevin smith does a stellar job as a supporting actor in this movie. he's definitely comic relief at times, but in a way that is much needed to break the tension & lighten the mood of the movie without making it seem frivolous. sam jaeger also does well as a supporting character, you're rooting for him through out the movie & wanting things to go well for him. the same is true for timothy olyphant, i both wanted to smack the living shit out of him & jump his bones.

spend the 8 bucks, go with someone you like, splurge on a diet soda, sit back & enjoy!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

minnesota: a winter rant

yeah, so, will someone please tell me why i'm still living in this eff-ing state?!

oh yeah. cause i'm broke.

but other than that, why do i stay?

FIRST, this past weekend was so cold that i almost froze my face off. now i'm not talking oh-my-it-was-a-bit-nippy-out-there, i'm talking, i literally almost froze my face off. i had my first class saturday at hamline & parked three blocks away, it was the closest spot. & normally the three blocks is not something i'd complain about because, well, it's not that far & i'm doing better with my exercise. however. it was some ridiculous amount below zero, after not even half a block i couldn't feel my legs. i knew they were still moving because i was getting closer to the building. i did have mittens on, & my ear muffs, & that's how i wound up with a bright red face & a pale band across my forehead. wind burn.

& yesterday when i left the house it was sixteen below. not kidding. & SO not funny! it did finally warm up a bit last night, but then, because of the "slight" warm up, it increased the chances of black ice forming on the roads. nice. & then this morning we got snow. not much. but due to the afore mentioned shift in temperatures & the black ice & other meteorological events, it was hell on the highway.

once again, i am not just saying "oh-my-traffic-was-bad." it literally took me an hour & fifty minutes to get to the gym. yup. it took me that long to go a whole 23 miles. that averages out to a mind blowing speed of 4.8 miles an hour. talk about wanting to jab an icepick in your eye socket. there were moments on the drive where i got to go a mind blowing 45 miles an hour, but most of the drive was done as a very slow crawl. as in, if it weren't a million degrees below zero outside so all the old people with walkers were indoors, i would've been clocked by one.

can i get a jesus bobby?

that's it, the fat lady sang, i'm out of this state. however, i know i have some loose ends to tie up, so by the time i celebrate my next birthday as a palindrome (same backwards as forward, so 33) i will be gone. i'll come back for the nice months, spring, summer (MAYBE), fall-ish. but winter, my butt will be a memory. most likely chillin' in cali. which means, i have to become a super motivated mofo, get my master's done, get my debt under control & do what i need to do to move on.

btw, i have to give a huge KUDOS to my trainer riley, even though i was 45 minutes late showing up to the Y, he stayed past our appointment time to show me the exercises that he did with jenn before i got there. have i said yet that riley rocks?

Monday, February 05, 2007

yippee week four!

wow! just eight tenths of a pound away from having lost a total of sixty pounds from my highest weight, now that's pretty cool. yeah, back in 2004 i was at just 7 lbs away from having lost the whopping one hundred! but this is pretty cool too. i'm closer to the 250's, which i haven't seen in probably a year or more. but i'm also just feeling better.

it's still a struggle, & sometimes i want all those things for me that, for a moment, taste good, but then make me feel all sluggish & yucky. but then i pause, & when i really think about it, i don't want that crap. i really do want some water instead of a long island. it does a body good, you know, the water, not the long island. yeah, treats are ok now & again, but when you have them all the time, they really aren't treats anymore, are they?

i'm finally able to walk again today, which means tomorrow is riley day. ouch. & the fabulous miss jenn's birthday. now SHE'S a maniac, not only hitting the gym, but also doing personal training on her birthday. way to go jenn.

doesn't my catepiller look really happy?

Friday, February 02, 2007

another two weeks

i bought myself another two weeks with HCMC. i called them up today & switched my surgical consult from friday february 9th, the friday february 23rd. i know two weeks may not seem like much to anyone else, but i realized today that a week from this day, that exact moment (3:53pm) i would have already had my meeting with the surgeon for my gastric bypass & he'd be well on his way to writing my letter for my insurance to get my surgery approved.

& i had a wee little panic attack.

& realized that, no matter how ready & put together the dietitian & psychologist think i am & how prepared i seem to take that leap, that i just wasn't ready for it. i know that marty definitely thinks i should go for it, as does jack. & i know that josh, while saying that it's my decision & i need to do what's right, for him the GB WAS the right decision, so i feel a bit like maybe he sorta sees that as my best option too.

as for jenn, i give her much kudos for being 100% totally non-committed. she has some people that she's very close to who've gone through the surgical weight loss, & then she also knows people who've gone the other route. she said no matter what she expects my ass at the Y with her hitting the ellipticals & such at night & getting our bi-weekly beating from riley.

rachel & tina are supportive, but neither has really given much of an opinion, which is kind of nice. two people who i don't have to worry about disappointing. they just want me to be happy & healthy.

my parents however, especially my mom, are wholly against the whole thing. just today my mom sent me an email with a link to an article in the st. paul pioneer press regarding the negative psychological effects that can come up post weight loss surgery. although, if you really read it, the article cautions that any massive weight loss will have mental effects on a person no matter how they managed to lose weight. but still, way to be supportive.

maybe it's all a sign that no matter how ready i think i am to make that leap, that i really am not at all ready to do something so dramatic. & i'll admit, there's a part of me that mentally throws a first class three year old tantrum when i think about the way i would need to eat post surgery.

but i don't want to give up pasta! even if it IS only for a little while!

i LIKE ice cream. can't we negotiate on this?!

but beckah needs her booze...on occasion at least

people who've had the surgery tell me it just takes time & patience & eventually you can eat most of what you did before, but you have to eat less. which, the skeptical part of me wants to note, sounds a helluva lot like watching what you eat & dieting. but, meh, it does have built in self control, which dieting doesn't.

& i'm not even sure what i can accomplish in another two weeks. maybe see how strong my will is to do this on my own? another two weeks could be another 2 lbs lost if i can lose a pound a week. not that much when you're looking at another almost hundred pounds, but it's something. it's 4 more personal training sessions with riley. it's another 14 days to live one day at a time. & most of all, it's another chance.

it's a good thing you're cute

in our original interview with riley jenn said something about needing someone to kick her ass in the gym. & riley did remember that come tuesday. damn. & that's what he did on tuesday. double damn.

on tuesday we started with upper body. lifting free weights. using some of the machines to do rows, high cable flys, low cable flys. & then using exercise balls to do ball bench press, back extensions & tricep exercises. & on wednesday i felt it. a lot. do you realize that when driving you do actually use your triceps? an amazing, & painful revelation. but great at the same time. because i felt like i got a great work out in on tuesday, used muscles that had been laying dormant for some time. & the pain felt good.

hurt so good. Sometimes love don't feel like it should, you make me, hurt so good.

um, yeah, once again, not karaoke night.

on wednesday i could barely get my jacket on because my arms & shoulders were pretty sore.
& even though jenn & i were both in pain, we made it to the Y that night, did a half hour each on the elliptical, taking riley's suggestion to do interval training. so basically go for a minute or two, get our heart rates up, then kick it up, go as fast & hard as you can for two minutes, then back off, let your heart rate & breathing drop down for two minutes. & repeat. & THAT really kicked my ass too, in a good way. i felt like i got a much more intense workout in those 30 minutes than i usually get by doing the weight loss program on the machine.

when i left the Y wednesday night my heart was racing, my lungs were burning, my legs were worn out, & my upper body was still one giant ache. i limped home, & went to sleep hoping to feel better in the morning.

& by yesterday morning, our second appointment with riley, i was feeling better & pretty optimistic about things to come. & what came was a lower body workout. ouch. & he remembered the whole ass kicking thing again. double ouch.

& then, because he's cute, with the brightest blue eyes & most adorable smile, i couldn't wimp out. so i pushed myself hard to try everything he suggested. & when he asked if the weights were ok or just light, i actually said, they're a little light, let's bump it up. jesus bobby. i'm really not a masochist, but when you're paying $35 an hour for personal training, you may as well get the most out of it, right? & that's exactly what i did.

today i woke up because i could feel the muscles in my big toes crying out in pain. i didn't even know that i had worked out the muscles in my big toes. but evidently i did. cause they were letting me know they hurt. along with my calves, thighs, glutes....basically everything, even that muscle at the very top of your inner thigh.

have i mentioned that i live in a basement? with no bathroom or kitchen facilities in said basement? getting ready for work this morning was definitely an adventure. & it seems like my legs are getting more & more sore with more time. so that i'm walking more funny now than when i woke up this morning with the aching toes. stairs are NOT my friend right now.

& then yesterday riley suggested that jenn & i try to weight train 4 days a week, so two with him & two on our own. & i was thinking for me the weekends would be the best time for me to do weight training. which means i should try the upper body workout tomorrow & the legs on sunday. & once again, cause he's gorgeous i don't want to punk out. so my dumb ass will be getting to school early enough tomorrow to work out & shower before my class starts. jesus bobby.