Wednesday, February 07, 2007

catch & release: a movie review

on friday night, when the temperature was dipping below zero & sane people were at home, jenn & i saw the new movie catch & release starring kevin smith, jennifer garner, timothy olyphant, sam jaeger, & juliette lewis. i'm always up for seeing a romantic comedy, & since jenn is in like with kevin smith, it was a sure thing that we would have to see this movie & it would have to be in the theater.

& all i have to say is wow. i loved this movie. it was not only worth paying to see in the theater, but worth paying the evening prices. & i'd pay to see it again, at that same price, basically the highest compliment that i can give to any film. it made me laugh, cry, laugh again, cry again, & at the end i was left with a warm fuzzy feeling, but not too over the top sugary sweet.

the basic premise of the movie is that grey, played by jennifer gardner, is trying to put her life back together after the death of her fiance, grady, right before their wedding. as she sorts through the souvenirs of his life she spends time with his best friends, sam (kevin smith), fritz (timothy olyphant), & dennis (sam jaeger).

i won't say much more than that because i don't want to be the kind of person that shouts out "the chick in the crying game is a dude!" but i will say that i thoroughly enjoyed this movie. kevin smith does a stellar job as a supporting actor in this movie. he's definitely comic relief at times, but in a way that is much needed to break the tension & lighten the mood of the movie without making it seem frivolous. sam jaeger also does well as a supporting character, you're rooting for him through out the movie & wanting things to go well for him. the same is true for timothy olyphant, i both wanted to smack the living shit out of him & jump his bones.

spend the 8 bucks, go with someone you like, splurge on a diet soda, sit back & enjoy!

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