Monday, February 19, 2007

do you ever google (yourself)?

& so, just because i wanted to do it, cause i'm curious what is out there about me on the web, i googled myself. yeah, i know, a dodgy business that, the self google, but i took the chance anyway & came back with a rather interesting result.

my name was mentioned, in a yahoo chat forum, in response to the question: "My Girlfriend Needs Help With Her Period?" the whole question read: "She gets REALLY annoying and grumpy, and she can't seem to put it AT the end of to sentence. What do I do?" now, i have to give kudos to the writer of the question, because it is very tongue in cheek, if you actually read the whole question. because it's totally about grammar & the majority of the answers said something along the lines of "quit being a dumb boy, buy her some pamprin & be nice."

how HOW does miss beckah fit into all of this you ask. well, i do have an answer to that. the way i fit in is that there was actually someone that read the question & answered it intelligently & actually relating to the writing mechanics issue, & THAT is where my fabulous self comes in. the answer given says:

Not to worry, that's normal. Many people suffer from irregular periods. Others seem to avoid them altogether. Emily Dickinson, the famous poet, was known among her friends as someone who had difficulty with her periods. Other sufferers include Rebecca Cloutier ( ), Annie Dillard ( ), and many other famous women. While we typically think this is a female problem, there are many men who suffer from irregular periods too - think e.e. cummings, William Faulker, and James Joyce, to begin with.

& no, really dear readers, this is not just moi being vain. i did submit some poetry to the minnesota river valley reader. i know the fine man who is the talent behind the online journal. today i wasn't able to connect to it, but i'll contact admin & if i can get a link i will most definitely post it on the right with my other recommended readings.

which begs the question, does being randomly mentioned on a yahoo message board among other writers of fame mean that i, now by proxy, am a writer of fame? hmmm...something to mull on, most definitely.

but seriously, how freakin sweet is that to be mentioned right after emily dickenson? while at first i was unsure how to take my google results, i'm now very stoked about it & bragging to anyone who will listen. *GRINS*

so, dear readers, what interesting factoids have you found about yourself when you google?

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