Tuesday, February 20, 2007

fish net philosophy

i have this theory, that a girl can get a boy to do just about anything, if she's wearing fishnets.

& this isn't just based on anecdotal evidence from sitcoms, but from true life experiences that i have personally had involving fishnets & boys.

it's really all about the stockings, & the shoes. guys will tell you, it's about the amount of cleavage, mid-drift, or leg that you see. but it really is about the way a girl presents herself.

& you ALL know what fish nets present: a woman who's comfortable with her sexuality & not afraid to let it show, a little.

which, in a round about way, brings me to the issue of my birthday. as you all know, it'll be my 30th. a time to let my hair down, celebrate, shake my boo-tay, & party like it's 1999. i've already decided on the perfect footwear. these luscious FM(fuck me) boots from doc martin, topped off, OF COURSE, by some fishnets. i'm thinking a mini skirt with those. & haven't settled on a top yet, but probably sleeveless with a low back, to show off my, at that time, three tattoos. yes people, when beckah rocks cali she does it right *winks*

besides, as the birthday girl i should automatically have the boys begging to do my bidding, but some apropos footwear doesn't hurt.

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