Monday, February 12, 2007

holding my own in week five

so i'm down another 1.6 pounds. i know, for some people that seems like peanuts, especially when you have as much to lose as i do. & in a way, yeah, it seems like SUCH a tiny amount. but at least it's a tiny amount in the right direction. & my star is almost at the halfway point on my caterpillar, which is a pretty dang cool thing.

& i think this is the best that i've done, on the weight loss thing, since 2005, so that makes me very happy. actually, this morning for my workout i wore an old navy t-shirt that i bought back in 2005. i bought it, took it home, tried it on, the mother fucker was tight as hell, i took it off, threw a first class tantrum & stuffed it in my dresser. & now it fits, pretty well. yea me!

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