Wednesday, February 28, 2007

i'm in heaven, week seven!

i can't explain it, but somehow, this most recent dip in my weight, seems significant to me. maybe it's because i'm fairly damn sure that the last time i saw the 250's was in 2005. possibly early 2006, but i'm kind of doubting that it was that recent. it seems like i've been stuck bouncing between the 260's & 270's, with an occasionally toe stepping into the 280's for this past year. very demoralizing, i will say. & ok, my bmi is still pretty high, & i'm still a good hundred pounds over my "ideal weight" but i'm making some progress. just another 9-ish pounds & my star will be halfway to my caterpillar's head. but i'm not thinking that far ahead. i finally found something that works, & i need to just keep going, trying, & i'll make it. already i'm feeling like a stronger person. not only physically, but emotionally & spiritually as well.

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